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Shimoda Public Services Institute
757 Shikine Shimoda City

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Instructor of surfing, snorkeling, etc.


Azumi Hara


Azumi san


Born and raised in Shimoda. I have been attracted to surfing over 30 years.  Currently I participate not only in surfing competitions in Japan but also those overseas, while I work for public organization in Shimoda.  I have experienced a lot through surfing  and am sure I can develop my potential even more.  I would like to share with other people what I saw and felt in surfing, through projects at Shimoda City Public Services Institute.


By surfing, I enhanced my capacity, more than I had expected.  Primarily, the community.  I have met many people and made a network with them, which is indispensable.  When I was in the sea, I encountered dangerous accidents, but also came across the moments of excitement to the highest ... I can not count all.  Sharing the same experience, we can create a tight bond with others.  You cannot anticipate all the adventure through activities, while new discoveries may pile up in your memory.   I would like you to experience the fun of surfing, paying attention how to make it safely.

My recommendations

How delicious! Best restaurants to enjoy local specialties of Shimoda
"Papas" in Shirahama.  Pizza and pasta are so delicious !  The master is also a surfer and you can hear stories about the sea.  They may have secret delicious menu, for you.
papas2 (2)
The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
Shirahama is the largest beach in Shimoda.  This is the beach where I was born and grew up.  You can see the Izu Islands in front of you. Sunrise is superb !
We will show you how you can spend time and enjoy Shimoda.
Shimoda has an undulating terrain with a lot of fields to play, even if the sea gets too rough for surfing.  For surfers, it easy to change points by watching waves and wind direction.

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Attractive world under water.

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