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Atsushi Sakai
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I was born in October 1958 in Chiba and brought up in Tokyo. I started surfing at 17. I moved to Shirahama in 1980. I have married and have 3 daughters. I founded Shirahama Mariner, surf shop, cafe, etc., in 1988. In 1982, I founded Shirahama surf team. Now, I'm teaching surfing at Shirahama elementary school.
I had been the member of Japan Beach Club and it was 2011, I was involved in organizing Shimoda Beach Club.
I took part as a coach, manager or head of the national team in the 3rd World Junior Surfing Championship in Indonesia in 1994, and also in competitions in Asia, Europe, Central and South America, Hawaii, America and Australia, until now.
I have been a board member of Japan Surfing Federation since 1990 and I am the President, now. I'm the authorized instructor and A Class judge in the Federation. Japan Marine Leisure Safety Association certifies me as a Surfing Safety Instructor.


Within each organization I belong, I engage myself in beach cleanning, promoting surfing experience, accident prevention and advocation of rules & manners, as social contribution. I am promoting marine sports among whole field of sports. I often hold within the organization, surfing competitions both in Japan and overseas. I personally run Shirahama Mariner and operates lessons of surfing, body board and SUP, etc., and sell related goods. I have been involved in Shimoda Beach Club for 4 years and I am teaching how to play and have fun on the beach, on the 3rd Saturday, every month. I hope to help everybody from child to elderly spend good time by the sea, which leads to improvement of health and diversifying the tourism. I would like to cooperate with everyone who likes the sea and nature of Shimoda, so that our sea could become the world's best.

My recommendations

Superb view spots of Shimoda recommended by local guides
Mt.Takanesan, the highest mountain behind Shirahama beach. It is said they put lights on the summit and let known the direction to the ships. A shrine is located there, watching the safety of the sea, from ancient times. Now, antennas for broadcasting over whole South Izu area are nearby. If it's fine, you can see Shirahama & Izu Seven Islands in the east, Tsumekizaki cape in the south, Kisami in the southwest, Rendaiji in the west and Mt. Fuji in the north. It's a real 360° panorama !
The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
Shirahama Beach is the widest beach in all 9 beaches nearby. There are beaches named Shirahama, means white beach, everywhere in Japan, but the whiteness of this beach is really suitable for the name. Also,vivid blue color of the sea is the effect of the sunbeams reflecting on the white sand bottom of the sea. I recommend you to get up early and watch the sun rising from the sea.
We will show you how you can spend time and enjoy Shimoda.
Marine Sports. The coastline of Izu Peninsular is winding. And there must be the best beach(s) depending on the wind, swell of the sea and the weather on the day. Please ask experts of marine activities which beach is the best today. There are a lot of ways to make fun, even on a day without waves, or of strong wind.

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Santa is surfing !?

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