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Hyosukemaru Fishing Boat & Hyosukeya Inn
36-51 Kakisaki Shimoda

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Captain of fishing boat


Toshikazu Suzuki
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Captain Suzuki


I am the captain of a fishing boat at Kakisaki in Shimoda harbor. I am the fourth generation captain with over 25 years career. I left the technical college and succeeded my family business.? My motto is to be cheerful, every day.


I am glad to see customers happy through fishing. ? Although I try to catch various kinds of fishes by boat fishing,?I like red sea bream fishing the best.? Although we might be in good mood or bad in the sea,? I would like always to fish with my customers, happily.

My recommendations

How delicious! Best restaurants to enjoy local specialties of Shimoda
Izakaya Sankyu. My classmate at elementary and junior high school runs this restaurant.? Not only?the food is delicious, but? also the master is of good feelings. I often go there with my family or classmates.
What is the best word to describe Shimoda?
The food is delicious ! Although There are many beautiful beaches and sceneries abroad, it is difficult to find delicious foods.? In Shimoda we have many good restaurants.? Beautiful sceneries and refreshing hot spring and tasty foods.? I love Shimoda !
Recommended restaurants for lunch that will make you want to come back to Shimoda again
Uenoyamatei is recommended for lunch & dinner.? This restaurant is run by a friend of mine. Very popular among local people.??I would say whatever you eat is delicious. gyoza is my favorite. I love gomoku ramen, too.

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Hyosukemaru, four generations' pursuit of madai.
Unforgettable. Memory of our family trip.
Monstrous moroko. Let's challenge !

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