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professional surfer/ surf shop owner


Naoto Suzuki




I am convinced that as a owner of Surf Shop, I should be an active surfer, and that's why I stay out in the sea and surf until the school starts everyday. When I was young I took part in tours of domestic and international competitions and I once won all Japan Junior in 1983. I went on journeys with photographers looking for waves of the world. I used to stay in Hawaii for 2 months every year, to refine my big wave technique. Now I'm involved in the series of "Izu Surf Film Art Show." I would like to produce and convey the culture of surfing.


All instructors including me have got internationally certified by ISA. We carefully teach, putting ourselves in participants places. We aim at 99. 9% taking off for them. We undergo level sharing, where we discuss about the progressive degree, type of teaching required, etc. considering each participant. "How can I get on the wave?" "Which point will you enter?" "There is no one who tells me." We'll change such worries to emotion you can obtain with a simple board.

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What is the best word to describe Shimoda?
Shimoda is a small town but there are nine beautiful beaches. I think it's fun to come for surfing and watch waves. Between the beaches, a rocky shore or a steep cliff, letting no one come close, may extend. There are places only veteran anglers dare go. It seems fun to explore how the coasts look like from the sea with kayaks, etc.
Recommended restaurants for lunch that will make you want to come back to Shimoda again
The home beaches of Real Surf are Ilita and Kisami Ohama. Although I still go overseas to look for attractive waves during my off, I insist the beauty of waves here are comparable with world's bests. There are 'unlike Shimoda' refined cafes and snack bars near my shop, and even if it's not summer, foreign people gather here at weekends. I adore the way they spend their leisure time.
We will show you how you can spend time and enjoy Shimoda.
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is very popular among Hollywood celebrities and women. Standing on a big surfboard and rowing right and left with a paddle, it is far more tolerant for anybody than surfing. Rolling with a paddle while keeping balance, not only legs but also whole inner muscles are trained. I'd like you to explore the wonderful coast of Izu, with SUP.

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99.9% taking off !
Original 'Narai' surfboard
Real Surf kids' school

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