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Marine masters
The 18th Tenkomaru (fishing boat)
1464-4 Suzaki Shimoda

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Captain of guest's fishing boat and fisherman


Hiroto Tsuchiya


Hiro kun


Born and raised in Suzaki, to be the third generation fisherman.? I have been fishing over 20 years. I bought my own ship to start guest's fishing boat.? With my?advantage of the career and sense as a fisherman, I do my best every day to let you catch?fish and be happy.


I mainly catch local kinmedai(alfonsino). Leaving Suzaki Port, we'll reach off the coast of? Niijima within 1 hour. Saturday is off according to the local regulation.? Beside kinmedai, I go fishing for tai (red sea bream), isaki (grunt) and so on.? If you have requests, why don't you ask me ? ? Please feel free to contact us.

My recommendations

Recommended accommodations in Shimoda and reasons for them
You can eat fresh shellfish, lobster and various fishes, all delicious, with 'Zeimoya.' ? A bright and friendly landlady and smiling landlord will welcome you.
You cannot miss these local specialties once you are in Shimoda.
Ji-kinme (local alfonsino). The torokinme (fat alfonsino) landed at Suzaki is very delicious.? It is so good whether you eat it as sashimi, boiled or baked.
Great dating spots in Shimoda (with bittersweet memories of local guides)
You can go to Tsumekizaki Cape from Suzaki Port on a promenade.? In the summer, you can see amas (traditional female divers) on the way.? During the Wild Narcissus Festival in winter, you will be wrapped in fragrance of countless flowers near Tsumekizaki, at the end of the promenade.

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I caught Kinme !
Fun fishing with friends
Fat Kinme is marvelous !

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Mr. Tanaka
Ms. Aoki


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