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Nagomikaen, Strawberry Picking,
229 Shiibara Shimoda City

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Strawberry picking


Ryota Tsuchiya
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Nagomi san


I grow strawberries in Shimoda. I'm pouring water to my strawberry. When I was little I was a rascal who ran around mountains. I used to wrestle with my friends in the forest and play baseball at the playground. Sometimes I was too naughty and scolded by my parents. Such a boy has been raised by the nature and grown up a father of two children. Now, I am a father who mind how to bring up children well, beside cultivating delicious strawberries.


You can enjoy strawberry picking at a peaceful mountainside. I received messages encouriging me from customers like " I ate such delicious strawberries for the first time." When you pick it by yourself, it is really delicious for your excitement. Just as the wine changes its taste in the soil of production area, the taste of strawberries depend on the soil. Please taste the strawberry of Nagomikaen. To pick and taste is the first step to know the farming, in my opinion.

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Nagomikaen is stuck resolutely to the taste itself. What's the key to the sweetness ? It is the cultivation thoroughly aiming at how to make it delicious. I make strawberries with my passion, to make people eat themand feel happy.
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'Fontaine' at Kisami Shimoda. The commitment to the selection of foodstuffs of the owner patissier is worthy of respect. He brings strawberries from Nagomikaen, when they are ripen. I love the cafe in the shop, with comfortable air. They serve delicious cakes and coffee.
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Shimoda 30 Souvenir Project highlighted this Madeleine, with fragrance of fermented butter and the exquisite sourness of strawberries. I'm sure you like it.

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Strawberry, rich in sugar content
Also pleased for gifts
Sealed the original fresh taste

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