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261-1 Irita Kisami Shimoda City

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Hiraku Ogawa
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Born and raised in Shimoda. My father also was a professional surfer. I had got familiar with the sea and began surfing at the age of ten. When I was in high school, I went to Lakanaw Beach (France) as one of the representatives of Japan. After graduation, I wanted to challenge big waves and went to Australia. My yearning for surf culture grew. Actually I met many musicians and artists. After returning to Japan, I debuted professionally and won 5 wins in tours. Now I wish I could create artistic work pieces representing memories, I got travelling after waves, all over the world.


I always carry my camera and take pictures of wonderful sea in Izu. The peninsula seen from the sea and the form of dynamic waves from a viewpoint of riding position ... The series photos on my Instagram happened to be noticed by the author of wood art and we started collaboration. Natural color of the sea is superimposed directly on the texture of woodcut. My wife is decorating the shop with original clothes, bags, accessories, etc., she made with craftsmen. My art pieces are also displayed among hers. Foreigners who visit Kisami, often come to drink coffee with us.

My recommendations

Recommended restaurants for lunch that will make you want to come back to Shimoda again
Satomi, in the village of Kisami, 2 min. car ride from Pink Mafia. Please try delicious kamameshi(risotto) for lunch. Gomoku or Kinme are delicious. Seafood bowl, also at Yamaya in Kisami is adored. Original curry with mixture of spices at Spice Dog. We can see the board collection of the surfer owner in the ample dinning room. I recommend this, especially to couple guests.
The most favorite place in Shimoda
Nine beaches in Shimoda are all unique. Every morning, I do surf check. The way each bay faces and the direction of the wind of the day make the wave type. Such a feeling of getting along with the sea, makes us more and more familiar to the sea.
Recommended accommodations in Shimoda and reasons for them
Shimodaso, a relaxing accommodation with 5-6 rooms near Sotoura beach. You can go in, wearing wet suit ... is pleased by surfers. Natural hot spring heals fatigue.
At Minamiso in Tatado Beach, you can expect meals full of local products, from sea and soil. Rice, vegetables, fish and seaweed. The young owner, here, is a master of both harvesting and fiishing. He also gives you perfect wave information.

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Lulled by waves
Came across a divine moon
Pink Mafia Surf Shop

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