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Tsumekimaru Fishing Boat
718 Suzaki Shimoda

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Captain of fishing boat


Teiichi Tanaka


Teiichi kun


We strive every day to make all customers?return home with?smile.


I would like you to experience the richness of the sea of Izu.? We fish Madai, Isaki all year long, and seasonally, Warasa, Medai, Kawahagi, etc. ? After boat fishing we return to our inn, where we afford you hot spring and snacks.? There is a reasonable set plan of fishing and accommodation.? By all means, please spend a pleasant time with Tsumekimaru.

My recommendations

Superb view spots of Shimoda recommended by local guides
At Tsumekizaki Cape, one million wild narcissus are in full bloom in winter, while you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear sea in summer.? The scenery from the Tsumekizaki Lighthouse is majestic.? You also can see the columnar joints specified as GEO PARK site, on the cliff side.? At the Blue Tsumeki Shop in the parking lot, we sell snacks, souvenirs, etc.? It is the best place to take a break.
Recommended accommodations in Shimoda and reasons for them
Hot Spring Inn Blue Tsumeki. Customers who fish on board Tsumekimaru stay with us, all year round. Many others stay during summer vacation in August, to enjoy swimming in the sea.? Please come to us for swimming?at Kujippama, Tsumekizaki beach, or sightseeing in the old town of Shimoda, etc.

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Madai fishing.
Ship maintenance.
Various fish.

Guide to Shimoda

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Mr. Tanaka
Ms. Aoki


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