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The chief priest of Chorakuji Temple


Ryugen Amano


Ryugen san


I grew up in Nara and entered training at Koyasan in Shingon sect at the age of 15. I am the 3rd generation priest from my grandfather's. At the age of 25, I became the priest at the Chorakuji Temple and over half a century has passed. I have been fond of Shimoda to the present. From the age of 33, I also accepted a role of the Social Welfare Committee and serve as an official of the National Council for Social Welfare.


Religion and welfare are the same in that we serve to remove anxiety and make safe and enjoyable society. The mission of the chief priest is to continue the roll and relay it to the coming generations. I always want to serve my duty with incense and candle in my temple.

My recommendations

Superb view spots of Shimoda recommended by local guides
Beautiful view of Nesugatayama Mountain.
The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
Ourakaigan Coast. Although there is no parking lot, I like the rocky shore, there. An attractive ocean view.
Our specialties!
I try to make the flowers bloom every season. You can see flowers that are not sold at the florist. The time of violet is especially recommended.
After crossing Yanagibashi Bridge, go up stone steps to Chorakuji Temple.
One of the temples of Izunokuni Seven Deities of Good Fortune.
Image of young Kobo Daishi, by Mr. Goto, sculptor from the next town, Kawazu.

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