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1927-1-A Kisami Shimoda City

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Yoga Instructor


Taeko Mukobara


Tae chan


Having started yoga in the latter half of my twenties, I decided to learn it seriously in 2012. Istta Yoga Certified US Yoga Alliance TT 200 hours completed. Istta Yoga Certified Maternity Yoga TT Completed. Ishta Yoga Certified Restorative Yoga TT completed. Yoga Nidra leader training completed. Basic course of Japan Maternity Yoga Association completed. Based on the Ishta style yoga that values each individual's personality, I am conducting yoga classes that can be reasonably made at our own pace.


Shimoda is full of nature and there is sea and mountains, close to each other. We are revived only by being in nature. When you move your body in yoga, your consciousness may turn inside yourself. You can experience nothing but pleasantness. Yoga is an experience. You can start without regard to your age and hard body. You can refresh mentally and physically with quietude to look inside yourself rather than to compare with people. Please try experiencing yoga in nature.

My recommendations

What is the best word to describe Shimoda?
Anyway, there are lots of nature. There are beautiful seas and lush green mountains. You can enjoy fishing in the sea and river, and picking up wild vegetables, tree nuts and fruits in the mountains. Even well known flowers can be edible or be medicine. It is recommended to buy fresh vegetables at unattended shops in and around the town.
Recommended restaurants for lunch that will make you want to come back to Shimoda again
Sunny Side Coffee Shop in Kisami Ohama. It is a fashionable cafe & restaurant where you can see the ocean and enjoy jazz as BGM. Crab house sand, pizza and curry and etc. are all handmade and very delicious. The wonderful owner and his wife will welcome you warmly. It is a pet-friendly cafe, as well.
The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
Kisami Ohama. A beautiful sea often appointed for shooting commercials and movies. Be refreshed, plunging into the sea or you can just spend time leisurely near the ocean. By night, you can see stars twinkling clearly, as there are no houses at all. While listening to the sound of waves, you can spend a romantic time watching stars.

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Garden yoga in a hotel
Please feel nature with the five senses
Beach yoga, listening to the sea breeze ....

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