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Atsushi Ishizuka, Dyeing Studio
100-1 Shirahama Shimoda

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Atsushi Ishizuka




I was born in1977. I have stayed in Okinawa for 10 years and studied Bingata(dye). I started my creative activity in Shimoda, my home town, in 2015.


Bingata is a dyed cloth and is used as a Royalty costume that developed in Ryukyu Dynasty. I use papes with patterns and pigments to dye fabrics with traditional techniques.

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'Itado Icchiki' with the air of quiet fishing village, is located at the north of lively Shirahama beach. Goeing up the lane along the stone wall from the shore, you will find my studio, an old house built 200 years ago, which I renovate, little by little. I maintain my dye-art activity here. You can get a wonderful view of Ryugu Island and the Pacific Ocean from a esplanade, nearby. People enjoy playing at the sea shore in summer and flowers of aloe at 'Aloe no Sato' in winter. It is a popular
place for a family to eat fresh seafood at minshuku inn, and be relaxed. There still remains atmosphere of old Shimoda… time passes quietly and peacefully.
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How delicious! Best restaurants to enjoy local specialties of Shimoda
Ishizuka is my parent's home as well as a Soba restaurant near Shimoda Station. Everything is so delicious.
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Vivid colors of Ryukyu Dynasty.
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Dye with pigments with patterned paper.
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My studio, a 200 years old fisherman house.

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