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1-12-9 Higashi Hongo Shimoda

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Keita Sawaji




After graduating from a local high school, I studied in Australia for 2 years . After that, working and earning money in Japan, I repeatedly traveled overseas for a long period. I have had a valuable experience such as seasonal part time job and tour guide in the countries I visited. Now I run a guest house and a BBQ restaurant with my family.


There are many tourist spots and facilities in Japan. But have you ever been to an ordinary Japanese house or a workshop, for example, a fish store? In this tour, We will walk around the city while touching daily lives and people in Shimoda. You can take interesting pictures for instagram on the way.

My recommendations

Superb view spots of Shimoda recommended by local guides
I'm at a loss of words whenever I face the splendid weeping cherry-blossom, in Fukane castle ruin in the mountains of Inazusa. Then along the Inozawa River in Higashi Hongo, it is as if walking under the roof of cherry blossoms, if you stroll in spring. Both are must to visit.
The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
Nabetahama Beach. A beach with shining white sand. You can find a rocky shore to play near the beach, as well. Just walking on the coast, you can enjoy the peaceful air of Nabetahada.
Recommended accommodations in Shimoda and reasons for them
EZ-Stay. You can stay at EZ-Stay as long as you like with reasonable price, and enjoy Shimoda, town of beautiful ocean and the history. This is our guest house near Izukyu Shimoda Station and the old town. In front us is the Inozawa River, famous for cherry blossom in Spring. And beyond the river is Nesugtayama, Mt. laying lady, the symbol of Shimoida, with the ropeway suspended to the summit.

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Historical town
Yukata experience at a kimono shop
Experience Japanese bonito soup

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