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Yorozu Cafe Rakura
7-9 1 chome Shimoda

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Owner of Yorozu Cafe Rakura and secretariat of Shimoda Black Tea Association


Kyoko Mori
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Kyo chan


I started my participation in Shimoda Black Tea Association, an NPO, when I still was a banking staff, which I carried on for over 20 years. Eventually it was combined with my dreams and came to have a form of "Yorozu Cafe Rakura". In this cafe, you can enjoy leisurely Kaikoku Shimoda Black Tea and Sake, Shimoda Reimei. I am trying to make a unique cafe in Shimoda.


Japanese black tea is getting gradually popular, today. Shimoda is not a cultivation area for tea. Why then, is a Japanese black tea shop in Shimoda? It is said that Shimoda is a place where black tea was brought in, for the firsi time, along with black ships. Kaikoku Shimoda black tea is produced with tea leaves from only one remaining tea plantation in Shimoda. I am devoted to making delicious tea for my guests, every day.

My recommendations

Superb view spots of Shimoda recommended by local guides
Inozawa River estuary seen from the window near the entrance of Rakura. This view seems that of Venice, of Shimoda. Especially, twilight time is breathtaking.
The most favorite place in Shimoda
Seating by the window at Rakura. You can see water birds taking rest, or flapping wings on the Inozawa River. You can spend a relaxing time, watching the scenery of waterfront over Minatobashi Bridge, from here.
Don’t miss ! the top gift of Shimoda
Kaikoku Shimoda Black Tea, Perry Tea packs in a delux paulownia box. Speaking of Shimoda, we tend to imagine seafoods as gifts, but it's a new idea to choose this tea, sells only in Shimoda.

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Tea picking for Kaikoku Shimoda Black Tea(May - June)
Straight tea, or flavor tea
Kaikoku Black Tea and sandwich of Kinmedai, alfonsino

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