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Shimoda Kaikoku Hakubutsukan (History Museum)
8-13 4 chome Shimoda

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Shimoda tour guide (I love Mr. Shoin), Shimoda FM personality


Yukari Yamanashi
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Yukari san


Born and raised in Shimoda. I was not good at talking, reading books nor studying when I was a child(even now). I am working hard on my motto to be always grateful to those who visit Shimoda. As my dream is to go to Hagi city Yamaguchi, where Shoin Yoshida was born, I will study more about him and the history, until then.


No matter in which season you come, in what weather it may be, Shimoda is attractive ! If you want to have fun, you must have good encounter. So come and open your own door to the outside !

My recommendations

The most favorite place in Shimoda
Watch Mr. Shoin of 'Tokai no Asa,' a statue in Bentenjima in Kakisaki. Look far beyond the sea with him, and feel the world !
What is the best word to describe Shimoda?
It is a town where we received guests from foreign countries about 160 years ago. We all feel, "Welcome to Shimoda."
We will show you how you can spend time and enjoy Shimoda.
Watching leisurely the ocean without worrying about time.

It is often chosen as locations for TV,CM, etc. due to its splendid beauty.

This instructor is guiding this program.

Be ambitious !
The museum with Namakokabe wall.
Full of the essence of Shimoda history.

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