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Scuba diving instructor


Shota Hayashida
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I'll show you the underwater world around Suzaki, that I'm sure, will enchant you. Even those who are not good at getting into the water, may have a chance to enjoy snorkeling from the surface of the water. Just in front of you, as close as you could touch, ....fishes are moving swiftly. If you happen to meet a fish gazing at you, you may get filled with great delight !


When you come to Shimoda and find this page, please take a chance to visit the world under the water. You will experience something totally new and may be deeply impressed. Diving is fascinating at anytime and for anyone, whether for woman's solo travel, family trip or graduation memorial, etc. Reservation is required in advance. Please contact us earlier in the summer.

My recommendations

Recommended hotels in Shimoda and reasons for them
Hotel Izukyu. Our Dragon Lady Shop locates in Hotel Izukyu. It's convenient for you to meet us and get dismiss, here.
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Toranokawa of Shosendo and Shimoda Anpan (bean-jam bun)of Hirai Confectionary are recommended.
The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
Calm and beautiful Kujuppama Beach. The color of the sand beach, when the sunlight penetrates, is so beautiful.

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