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Hoshinmaru Fishing Boat
5-17 Kakisaki Shimoda

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The captain of a fishing boat, for single-hook fishing


Ichiro Suzuki
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Captain Ichiro


More than 45 years boat fishing career, as I often went out fishing on my father's boat. I retired early from my job and returned to Shimoda only to become a fisherman. I am a unique person. As I have sales experience, I always talk with my guests, politely.  The self made FRP boat is still in good condition.  I usually fish with my wife. Couple boat is also unique in Shimoda.


As my fishing boat is small, we specialize in charter fishing boat. Being vulnerable to wind is our weak point.  However, I will take you to best fishing points in the bay. If its your first fishing, I'll be of your help.  You can rent fishing rig free, if you do not have. Captain-made fishing tackle is miraculous ! Now, enjoy fishing … ※ Please bring a container for fish you catch.

My recommendations

How delicious! Best restaurants to enjoy local specialties of Shimoda
If you enjoy casually, it's Uenoyamatei at Kakisaki. My favorite menu is rebaniraitame teishoku(set menu), gomoku ramen, yakiniku teishoku and ninniku ramen. A young cook, the son, is an expert in traditional Japanese and he is a master of abalone picking.  Fresh Tataki of saurel is also recommended. You may be lucky, if you eat the saurel I fish.
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Don’t miss them! Top three gifts of Shimoda
3. Delicious Hirai Confectionery milk anpan (bread with sweet been paste) is like a bread or a cake.   2. Natural wakame (seaweed) and dried wakame. ※ from February to March.  1. Shimoda natural hanba (seaweed) ※ from mid January to mid-February.  We sell 2 and 1 at Shun No Sato in Rendaiji. I am proud of these products.
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You cannot miss these local specialties once you are in Shimoda.
Eel at Ogawaya (maybe you need reservation).  Ladies' pork cutlet (new guests are forced to eat mix fries) at Tonkatsu Hajime.  Natural salt ramen (noodle) at Ippinko (soup and chashu,roasted pork, are delicious. large serving). Tanmen at Hachiryu (large serving).  Shimoda Burger (Alfonsino Hamburger) at RA-MARU…
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Assistant captain helps beginners.
A big red sea bream in the harbor.
All in smile with a big catch.

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