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Marine masters
Shimoda Marine Aquarium
22-31 3chome Shimoda

What is the specialty of this instructor?

Research and study of sea turtles


Hiroshi Asakawa


Turtle Hermit


Born and raised in Shimoda, joined Shimoda Marine Aquarium in 1989. As I learned that loggerhead turtles come to lay eggs in Shimoda, I started researching egg laying landing in the beach and drifting ashore of dead bodies since 1991. In 2004, I used the green turtle and studied and announced "Changes in nutritional status during the fasting time of the sea turtle."


Shimoda's sandy beach maintains good condition as a spawning place for sea turtles. Although the number is small, loggerhead turtles lay eggs almost every year. Featuring such information is very important for protecting sea turtles. I hope you will understand that the aquarium is following these activities. In addition, Shimoda Marine Aquarium offers lecture about actual research and study of Japanese sea turtle if you request.

My recommendations

How delicious! Best restaurants to enjoy local specialties of Shimoda
It is Ryoma, a Japanese restaurant. My favorites are of course sashimi, and tempura to be fried in front of me.
The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
I like every coastline of Shimoda. Many sand beaches, rocky shores and rugged cliffs. Small fishing ports and of course, Shimoda Harbor in the center. Each is very attractive and enjoyable.
Our specialties!
Do not despise as a rural aquarium! Various shows and dolphin touching programs together with unique underwater show of the sea lions keeps high quality and gathers staffs of many other aquariums !
Dolphins are coming up !
Pet dolphins' head.
Turtle Hermit is my benefactor.

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