Privacy policy

The City of Shimoda Nature Activity Promotion Council (hereinafter “the Council”) is the administrator of this Seamon website. The Council properly protects and manages personal information submitted to the Council, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy below.

Basic policy

The management philosophy of the Council is to contribute to society by providing unique services, using the technology of the Internet to assist consumer lifestyles and change corporate activities in order to offer more comfortable, enjoyable, and useful services. It is extremely important that the Council protects its information assets, including the personal information of its clients, and will make the information available when needed in an accurate and lawful manner, while continuing to improve its services based on the Council’s philosophy.
The Council understands that quality of information security is the foundation of all the services that the Council provides. Everyone who handles the information assets of the Council, including the administrators, employees, and staff of the Council, as well as employees of affiliated companies and organizations, is obliged to follow the Personal Information Protection Policy below.

The gathering and use of information

personal information gathered through the Seamon website. The Council would never sell, share, or give away the information to third parties in ways not provided for in the privacy statement. The Council gathers personal information from users at multiple locations on the Seamon website. The Council also clarifies the purposes of gathering personal information from users.
The Council uses the gathered personal information within the range agreed upon by users.

Sharing of the information

The Council would not disclose or share the personal information it gathers through the Seamon website to or with third parties.


The Seamon website includes pages which use cookies to display customized pages or advertisements, to collect access logs and improve convenience to users. Users may set their browsers to send notifications when a cookie is sent or select whether or not to accept a cookie. Not accepting a cookie would cause NO inconvenience or disadvantage to users. In addition, the information gathered with a cookie is not linked with personal information.


The Council implements all possible measures to protect personal information of its users. When users submit important personal information using the Seamon website, the information is protected in both online and offline systems. The Council pays close attention to the handling of the submitted personal information. Only limited persons of the Council are authorized to access the information when they need to do so to provide necessary services. In the pages to submit personal information, all communications between the Seamon website and users are encrypted with SSL. This nearly eliminates the possibility that a third party on the Internet would receive or manipulate the information submitted from the browsers of the users and improves the safety of users.

Disclosure (confirmation), modification, or deletion of personal information

The Council has a personal information manager who is in charge of protecting personal information on the Seamon website. The manager respects the rights of users who submit their personal information. Therefore, the manager immediately responds to requests from users when they wish to disclose (confirm), modify, or delete the submitted personal information or to cancel the use of the personal information. Please contact the personal information manager of the Seamon website via e-mail for inquiries concerning the above. Please note that the manager may ask for the identification of the inquirer before responding to inquiries.

Legal disclaimer

The Council may disclose submitted personal information to the national government, local government, court, or international law enforcement agency when requested to do so with legal requirements.

Revision of personal information protection policy

We are promptly revising our personal information protection policy whenever domestic laws, regulations, standards, or ordinance concerning the protection of the personal information of customers are revised.
Any revision on the personal information protection policy is announced on this website. Users can check our latest personal information protection policy by visiting the website and reading the policy.


The Seamon website contains links to external websites. The Council has nothing to do with the personal information policy of websites outside of the Seamon website. The Council recommends users to read personal information and privacy policies of the websites they visit outside of the Seamon website. The information concerning the handling of personal information on this page is applicable only within the Seamon website.

Inquiry concerning personal information

Contact the office below for inquiries concerning the handling of personal information on the Seamon website.

1-1 Sotogaoka, Shimoda, Shizuoka, Japan 415-0000
Administer Shimoda Corp.
TEL: 0558-22-5255

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