Instructor introductions

Marine masters

Iida san

Fishing, marine sports, anything.

Taka san

Please ask anything about fishing techniques


Let's experience surfing by all means.

Yutaka san

Let's go to Zenisu by Ryushomaru !

Nagao san

I teach you the joy of Kinme fishing !

Kazunori san

Captain Kazunori san

Amano-shi, Amanocchi

Amano san operates Susquehanna of Izu Cruise


A 3 hour course off Shirahama is affordable


Professional surfer Mar, who knows the world


A surfing class on AA quality beach

Yoshihiro san

Fifth generation fisherman, Yoshihiro

Hiroshi san

Fisherman and the captain of the fishing boat Hachikuramaru

Kyusumaru Mitsushi san

Let's go fishing medai to Toshima.

Kyu san

Feel free to ask anything about sea creatures of Suzaki !

Professional Instructor, Mr. Nagaoke

ACA authorized kayak instructor

Teiichi kun

We strive to make all customers smile !


I will teach you the pleasure of surfing.

Takeda san

Mr. Takeda who can guide sea kayaking and Geo

Captain Saiko

A captain of the ferry as well as a diver

Captain Suzuki

Captain Suzuki, the 4th generation seaman, teaches you kindly.


I will teach you how to get on the waves.


Surf shots at beautiful beaches known world wide.


Osaka-born and Osaka-raised diving instructor who loves the sea of South Izu

Turtle Hermit

Aquarium's walking dictionary, Turtle and fish are friends.

Yoshizawa san

Ms. Yoshizawa, surfing instructor

Captain Yu

Both nearby fun fishing and expedition fishing.

Papa yan

Sea kayak guide / instructor


Scuba diving instructor


I am in the waiting salon.

Hiro kun

I do the best with my 20 years carreer!

Guide to Shimoda

We can answer your inquiries and provide extra information.

Mr. Tanaka
Mr. Otani


Feel free to contact us to learn more about Shimoda.

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