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About Seaside Shimoda
The sea near Shimoda is decorated with the beautiful contrast of white sandy beaches, blue ocean waves, and green lush mountains. It is the nearest tropical resort to Tokyo.
The coastline of Shimoda has nine beaches with transparent water, tide pools, ports and harbors. These are popular sites for a variety of marine sports and activities


Shimoda has many surfing locations, with the white sandy beaches and clear water that all surfers yearn for. The surfing locations of Shimoda include Shirahama, Tatadohama, Iritahama, Kisami Ohama, and Touji. Many professional surfers grew up in this area, and many surfing events are held here.

Shirahama Mariner Surf School (Shirahama Mariner)

Name of office
Shirahama Mariner
Throughout a year
1 people  7,700 yen~
For beginners and also those who want to upgrade skill. The instructor will teach you kindly and enjoyably. Above all, you can experience 'Surfing in Shirahama,' one of the most beautiful white beaches, in Japan. It is an easy access from the beach to the beach side cafe at Mariner, where your companion may have leisure time, while you take surfing lessons. We are instructors certified by Japan Surfing Federation.

Experience Surfing (Irie Surf)

Name of office
Throughout a year
1 people  8,000 yen~
Please enjoy surfing in beautiful Shirahama Beach in Izu. Surfing is a fun sport
that also serves as a body balance training.
After image training on the beach, we will surf in the sea.

Surfing Experience in the beautiful Irita Beach

Name of office
Pink Mafia
Throughout a year
1 people  9.000 yen~
The water at Irita Beach has been verified as AA. Waves are great and you, from beginner to advanced surfer, can enjoy surfing. Professional surfer Hiraku Ogawa teaches you one-on-one. (up to 2people)
9,000yen-/person(tax, insurance and surf board rental included ) If you bring your surf board please make us know.
Wetsuit rental : 2,000yen-(tax included)
Also, SUP(Stand Up Paddle) lesson is available. 8,000yen/person, 2 hours,
exclusively for you.(1 person) (tax included)

The Surfing lesson for beginners (RINE SURF)

Name of office
Throughout a year
1 people  8000 yen~
Most popular and recommended course for beginners. 'Beginner's course' applies to people who have never experienced surfing or who can only move in lateral direction. I can adjust the teaching way to individual levels. Basically, the manners, rules, how to enter the sea, take off, turn and so on.
If you don't have a surfboard or hesitate to buy until you get used to surfing, a bit more, you can rent a surfboard.

Surfing School in the AA quality Tatado Beach

Name of office
Baguse Surf Shop
Throughout a year
1 people  5,500 yen~
90 minuets surfing lesson.
For beginners, we will let you experience the fun of taking off and riding waves.
Intermediate persons should aim at higher level.
Wouldn't you like to surf in AA quality clean water sea? We'll help you make the first step
in the sea. Please apply to the lesson, with family, friends, etc. !

Photo shooting of surf-riding (Feel’s Visual Works)

Name of office
Feel's Visual Works (Tomomi Mizuguchi)
Throughout a year
1 people  10,000 yen~
Surfing photos by a well known surfing photographer should be your life time memory.
If you have not got used to surfing, I will help you choose a surfing course by a surf shop in Shimoda.
We can collaborate to get good shots for you.
While you enjoy surfing, I take pictures from various angles.
It's my role to choose a beach depending on the weather and wave.
I will give you photos by data.
Requests such as action shots of competitors or fun surf experience, are acceptable.

Surfing experience at Irita, the water with rare transparence ! (Real Surf Shop)

Name of office
Real Surf Shop
Throughout a year
1 people  11,000 yen~
We aim at improving the level of surfing, for beginners and advanced surfers alike. We will make you, even the first-day surfers, quite free from anxiety, as we teach you carefully and safely. We are all qualified international surfing instructors and teach you with confidence. "I got on the waves!" "I've become friends with sea." You will never forget the day you surf with us, on the AA beach of Shimoda.

Guide to Shimoda

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