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About Seaside Shimoda
The sea near Shimoda is decorated with the beautiful contrast of white sandy beaches, blue ocean waves, and green lush mountains. It is the nearest tropical resort to Tokyo.
The coastline of Shimoda has nine beaches with transparent water, tide pools, ports and harbors. These are popular sites for a variety of marine sports and activities

Sea kayaking

A long time ago, the Izu Peninsula was a tropical island. Now the coastline exhibits diverse and attractive features, such as unique terrains with mysterious caves, beautiful sandy beaches, and overhanging cliffs.

綺麗な伊豆の海で忘れられない想い出を!「カヤック 洞窟探検ツアー(初心者)」( ワンダフルワールド) 

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Throughout a year
1 people  12,100 yen~

Let’s paddle out to the Pacific Ocean as if you were a seabird ! (Shimoda Kayak Center)

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Shimoda Kayak Center
Throughout a year
April 1st ー October 31st
1 people  8,500 yen~
Shimoda Kayak Center is a sea kayaking club and help our guests, couples, families, friends, play in the sea. The program consists of lessons, tour of kayaking, and snorkeling. (half day)
Please return to your innocent childhood and experience the excitement you never have felt in daily life.
*As a memory of the experience, a photo CD is offered to you !

Sea Kayak Experience tour – with outdoor lunch ♪ (SURFACE)

050 (5)
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Throughout a year
1 people  12,000 yen~
We will go on a tour by sea kayak, just as riding bicycle on the ocean. You can enjoy the scenery from sea level which is quite different from that from land. The coastline provides us different views, such as coves and caves, etc. You can enjoy snorkeling from July to September, in an ordinary tour.

Aloha! Sea Kayaking & Snorkeling Eexperience (ACA · American Canoe Association official recognition) KAI ‘TO Sea kayak School

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KAI'TO Sea Kayak School
Throughout a year
March - October
1 people  8,700 yen~
Our clubhouse is just in front of the beach ! We guide you to the best points for kayaking, around small islands in the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy snorkeling together with colorful fish, when you arrive shallow water behind one of the islands. After having fun with sea creatures, get on the kayak again and return to Sotoura Coast. Our kayak is high quality SOTK type for 2 passengers (3, if a primary school student is in the middle) with high stability and safety. Even beginners can be satisfied and enjoy it.  The course is designed for beginners, but such that you can savor the real pleasure of being at sea.

Due to conditions and seasons, snorkeling might not be available, for your attention. (Ask for details.)

Guide to Shimoda

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