Cuisine & dining

Cuisine & dining
The clear, translucent ocean water here is full of fresh shellfish, such as splendid alfonsino, Japanese spiny lobster, and horned turban shell. Also, the clean mountain rivers carry nutrients into the ocean, while also nurturing the delicious wasabis, strawberries, tangerines, and persimmons nearby.
Cooking with fresh ingredients from both the sea and the mountains of Shimoda is a one-and-only experience.

? Balcony Cafe at Wasabi Farmer ? ー Satoyama experience (Maruto Wasabi)

Name of office
Maruto Wasabi
Throughout a year
It is held only on the third Sunday. It may get off.
1 people  100 yen~
? Balcony Cafe at Wasabi Farmer's
Here is a enjoyable place for chat. We talk about Wasabi field and mountains, farmers' life style,
nature and leisure, delicious sake and so on. We have endless conversation topics. We serve sweets of
fruits and tree nuts that we pick around this area. Please come and visit us. Suhara near Shimoda is
surrounded by the peaks of the Amagi Mountains. Cold pure water pours into the field all seasons.
The livelihood here depends on wasabi cultivation. We, the 3rd generation wasabi farmer welcome
you with the daily lifestyle. Spend relaxing time and feel the Satoyama flavor.
Chat around the open fire is also fun. Please ask.
☆ Recommended ... You can also stay at Satoyama cottage. (Reservation required)

Tea picking of “Yabukita tea” for “Kaikoku Shimoda Black Tea” ( Shimoda Kocha No Kai)

Name of office
Shimoda Kocha No Kai (Shimoda Nigiwai Shachu)
The event takes place only 1 day during the period from May 15th to Jun 15th.
1 people  1000 yen~
Please help tea picking for manufacturing 'Shimoda Black Tea'!
We, members of Shimoda Kocha No Kai, enjoy tea and learn about tea and have been
involved in the production of tea, based on the historical fact that the first American
consul general, Townsend Harris brought tea to Japan. We promote the sales of
'Shimoda Black Tea.'
Around 20 people work jointly in tea picking, whereas 10 people are engaged
annually in cutting, fertilization, weeding etc. Now, join us, Shimoda Kocha no Kai
on this opportunity of tea picking !
Nigiwai Shachu promotes another project called 'Shimoda Jizake Club.'
Junmai Ginjo sake called 'Reimei' is produced. In a program, we work together
in rice planting of Shimoda rice 'Kinuhikari.'

Sweet strawberry picking in Izu Shimoda (Nagomikaen Garden)

Name of office
Nagomikaen Kaen
From the end of Dec. to the end of May (ordinary year)
1 people  1,900 yen~
Picking ripened strawberries (30 min.)
You can eat as many as you like in 30 minutes, the Beni-Hoppe strawberries with(without) condensed milk.
You can experience the true taste and the sweet smell of strawberries.
In order to enjoy the full ripeness of our strawberries, reservation is required.
Open: the end of December to the end of May, and only when strawberries are available.

Experience of making Himono, dried fish (Hoei)

Name of office
Throughout a year
Dec.20 - Jan.31, dried fish making is suspended... to open a food stall in the Daffodil Festival (at Tsumekizaki)
1 people  1,500 yen~
Make himono(traditional dried fish) with fresh aji (saurel). 5 aji(saurel) will be served to cut open to be dried.
We will take care of the subsequent work. Finished himonos will be taken home or sent by delivery service.
The taste of your own himono must be exceptional !

Experience of beekeeping and beeswax (Shimoda Mitsubachi)

Name of office
Shimoda Mitsubachi (Honeybee)
Throughout a year
・Sat., Sun., Mon. open.
・ Beekeeping course (collecting honey) : late April - end of October.
・ Beeswax and honey course : All year
1 people  2,000 yen~
Honey that tens of thousands of honey bees collect with great hardships. Why not join in
this wonderful drama to produce sweet honey or various honey products, through our programs?

・Beekeeping course ... Take out honey nests from hive and put into the centrifuge separator
and rotate to take out honey and taste it, with a gift of 130g raw honey(equivalent of 1,200yen)

・Beeswax course ... beeswax wrapping cloth making , by coating melted honeycomb / beeswax hand cream (with aroma)

Each course includes beekeeping tour and bee lecture.

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