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About Seaside Shimoda
The sea near Shimoda is decorated with the beautiful contrast of white sandy beaches, blue ocean waves, and green lush mountains. It is the nearest tropical resort to Tokyo.
The coastline of Shimoda has nine beaches with transparent water, tide pools, ports and harbors. These are popular sites for a variety of marine sports and activities

Scuba diving and snorkeling

Because of the warm Kuroshio Current, the south end of Izu Peninsula where Shimoda is located is home to colorful fish and dynamic geological features.
The transparent waters contain many diving spots suitable for both novice and expert divers.

Sparkling reef in the Kuroshio current … Dive around Suzaki peninsula ! (Suzaki Diving Center)

Name of office
Suzaki Diving Center
Throughout a year
1 people  11,000 yen~
Suzaki Peninsula diving lesson (Fun diving : 2.5 hours~)
Kujupama Beach is a treasure of sea creatures. Showing the remnant of the submarine volcano of old days. White sand spreads on the sea floor, like carpet. Beautiful cobalt sea from above is made of ultra pure water and the whiteness of the sand floor. Dangouo, seahorse and etc. may welcome you.
※ Only fun diving available for guests who do not understand Japanese.
※ If healthy, anyone can join this course from 10 years old and up, even if you can not swim.
※ Wearing dry suit in winter, you can stroll comfortably in the sea with higher transparency.

'Snorkeling Experience’(about 2 hours) is also available. Please feel free to contact us.
We will take you to the famous snorkeling point, Ebisujima, only 5 min. walk from Suzaki Diving Center.

Experience Diving ・ Experience Snorkeling (Dragon Lady)

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Dragon Lady
Throughout a year
1 people  5,500 yen~
I'll show you attractive underwater in Shimoda. Those who are not good at getting into the water, may enjoy snorkeling with life jacket, from the surface of the water. You might be astonished to meet colorful fishes gazing at you.
Snorkeling 1 - 2 hours & Diving 3 - 4 hours.

Experience of diving & Snorkeling, Training courses for a diving license(MARINE SOFT SHIMODA)

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Throughout a year
1 people  6,000 yen~
We will guide you in our diving or snorkeling tour under the sea of South Izu, from adults to children. Experience the sea of Shimoda, which is deep blue as far as the eye can see.


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07/01/2018 ~ 08/31/2018
1 people  4,000 yen~

Guide to Shimoda

We can answer your inquiries and provide extra information.

Mr. Tanaka
Ms. Aoki


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