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Shirahama Mariner
2752-16 Shirahama Shimoda

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surf school instructor


Michie Yoshizawa
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Yoshizawa san


Ex-professional surfer living in Shimoda city. Shirahama Mariner Surf School Instructor. Japan Surfing Federation Certified Instructor. Mariner Safety Instructor. ASP, JPSA Certified Professional Surfer (formerly Michie Shimizu), ASP Japanese First Award Winner, JPSA Victory Results Record, NSA Izu Branch Ladie's Championships, All-Japan Champions Finals. *Ocean lover who has a lot of surfing travel experience.


Blue sky and sea, fresh winds on white sand beach. The sound of the waves that echoes on this place vary according to the season. The moon way on the water connecting Shirahama Beach and Izu Oshima Island at full moon night is mysterious. You can see the whole Shirahama beach from our surf shop. We are hosting a school of surfing, body board and SUP with the motto of compling with rules and manners. Officially recognized by Japan Surfing Federation. Why don't you come and see Shirahama, where colors of the water change every moment ? All staffs are waiting for you with ultra fine smiles for your pleasant memories of the sea.

My recommendations

How delicious! Best restaurants to enjoy local specialties of Shimoda
Hana Cafe. The Loco Moco and the Popeye curry of Hana Cafe, next to Shirahama Mariner Surf Shop are exquisite. I also recommend you 100yen brend coffee and espresso !
What is the best word to describe Shimoda?
"HAWAII in Japan !! " "Beautiful ocean! Is this Hawaii ? " " It never is Japanese sea." Many customers would say so. We live Shimoda with happiness to see such beautiful sea.
Don’t miss them! Top three gifts of Shimoda
Long selling ocean amulet BEST 3:
No.1 Turtle strap : 525yen - (It protects you from danger and disaster as a guardian of the sea) No.2 Whale's tail : 840yen - (brings fortune, symbol of life and happiness) No.3 Wave : 1,575yen - (the waves without interruption symbol the eternal love and happiness) You can buy them at Shirahama Mariner surf shop"HuLaHana."

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Learn manners and rules.
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In front of the Pacific.

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