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Chief, Shimoda Ropeway


Fumito Tanaka


Tanaka san


I have been working in tourism for twenty years, which passed so quick! At first I was in charge of driving facilities and the gondola. You can see the mechanism of ropeway through the window and you may get surprised to see how big it is. Now I am responsible for sales. Whenever I am in the office, I'm pleased to go out to meet tourists and say hello. My hobby is bike touring and I can hardly wait for a holiday. I like fishing, too. There are many good fishing spots, little known, in Shimoda.


Blue ocean, greeny mountains, delicious foods and superb panoramic views! Shimoda is full of charms. You must come ! Shimoda Ropeway in front of Shimoda Station is known for the "splendid view" and "marriage tying." From the top of the mountain, you can see Shimoda Port, where 7 Black Ships anchored. To Shimoda, you may come by train or by car, and I recommend, by bike !

My recommendations

How delicious! Best restaurants to enjoy local specialties of Shimoda
As soon as arriving at the summit with ropeway, there is a coffee shop where you can take a break looking over ocean view. Popular menu is "Tokoroten(gelidium jelly)" and soft creams with flavors of the season. Salty bonito udon(noodle) is also lovely. You can stretch yourself and be relaxed on the lawn, like excursion. Please open your box lunch, there.
Recommended restaurants for lunch that will make you want to come back to Shimoda again
’Tonkatsu Hajime.’ Tonkatsu restaurant with dizzying(?) volume. "Here you are!" A heap of curry and neapolitan(pasta) will be served on your dish quickly, even without request. Not only the taste and volume is notable, but also the personality of Master and his wife attracts many guests. A very popular restaurant for riders.
Great dating spots in Shimoda (with bitter-sweet memories of local guides)
After all it is Mt.Nesugata (Shimoda Ropeway). Please visit Aizendo Shrine and write a wish on the heart shaped ema( wood plate). And there is a new amusement spot in Mt. Nesugata. ’Throwing Nagomi-dama’ is worth challenging, which helps expand a network of people by throwing Nagomi ball. I'm sure you will get God's grace. Me too…;…;! ?

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Floating Izu Seven Islands.
Throw well the 'Nagomidama'
Huh! Well, got absorbed.

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