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Roadside Station 'Kaikoku Shimoda Minato'
1-1 Sotogaoka Shimoda City

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Museum guide at Roadside Station 'Kaikoku Shimoda Minato'


Emi Suzuki


Emi chan


Raised in Shimoda. I love dogs. I think that my dog is the most cute in the world. My dog and I like walking near Shimoda Bay. The Roadside Station is in front of Shimoda Habor. You can see the ocean with different impressions everyday from the museum on the 4th floor.


The types, the ecology and the huge size of marlins byond imagination. The 'Marlin Museum' is full of excitement of fishing marlin. Please sit in the seat that represents angler's seat in a boat. Try to feel like the hero who fights with the monster. At the 'Harbor Museum,' not only the opening of the country but also the history from ancient times to modern times of Shimoda is displayed in an easy-to-understand manner with diorama / mirror vision, etc. When you come to the Roadside Station, please come to the 4th floor where our museum locates.

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On the 4th floor of the Roadside Station, there are Harbor Museum (HM) and Marlin Museum (MM). In HM, you can see the history of Shimoda in an easy-to-understand manner with diorama etc. MM was established when we celebrated the 30th Marlin tournament. A full-size replica of marlines and colorful lures are displayed. You can feel the charm of Marlin fishing.
Don’t miss them! Top three gifts of Shimoda
There is an antenna shop called 'Marugoto Shimoda Kan' on the 2nd floor of Roadside Station. We have many local products from Shimoda. I recommend three popular souvenirs, which are dried seaweed called Aburi Ionori, a shot glass with a view of Shimoda printed and a black tea candy called 'Perry Candy, Harris Candy' made by tea leaves picked at Shimoda.
Recommended restaurants for lunch that will make you want to come back to Shimoda again
SOUTH CAFE along Rt.136 from Shimoda to Minamiizu is recommended. You are allowed to take your pets to the terrace seats. It is a popular restaurants for locals and tourists as well.

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Excitement of Marlin fishing
'Grander' over 1000 pounds
Sengokubune connecting Edo and Osaka

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