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Komeimaru Fishing Boat
918 Suzaki Shimoda

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Captain of fishing boat


Takahiro Tsuchiya


Taka san


I started fishing at 18 and have 40 years' career now.? My healthy father still goes fishing with me.? I do not hesitate to teach my techniques even to amateur customers, as I would like to see their smile, catching a lot in Suzaki. On the contrary, I can imagine how they look frustrated if they let a fish go. However, I confess my mind is on fishing myself rather than helping others do. I'm always willing to fish a bigger one than any other fisherman.


For the beginner, it is good to challenge fishing from early spring to summer, as isaki is plentiful and the sea is still calm.? We can get madai, isaki and medai,?all year round, while warasa around Niijima Island is also popular.?You can also enjoy hiramasa from early summer to early autumn and an expedition fishing to Niijima Island and so on.? After returning to the port,? we prepare you snacks at Niiya minshuku.? Please relax and enjoy fishing talks with other people who went out together.

My recommendations

How delicious! Best restaurants to enjoy local specialties of Shimoda
Gorosaya in the old town is recommended.? The owner?is?originally from Suzaki and?his family still owns a fishing boat. He can bring fresh fish and shellfish from Suzaki.? Seasonal seaweeds such as hijiki and Wakame are also good taste.? He looks stern but his cooking techniques are excellent. Please make reservation as early as possible, because Gorosaya is so popular,now. I am one of the customers from the time of opening.
Great dating spots in Shimoda (with bittersweet memories of local guides)
Nights of Tsumekizaki.? You'll be surprised at unimaginable beauty of the night sky.? Looking up the eternity with nothing to block,? you are sure the phrase 'stars are falling' is for such a night.? When you stand by the lighthouse at noon, you can watch from Oshima, Toshima and Niijima Island.? On a fine day, especially when the visibility is hight, you can catch hazy Miyake and Mikura Island. It is really majestic !
Recommended accommodations in Shimoda and reasons for them
Young owner of?'minshuku Kohaji' in Suzaki is a friend of mine and he had been practicing authentic cooking for 10 years at Kagurazaka,Tokyo.? His cuisine is lightly seasoned and elegant.? His family originally is a stonemason who cut out the castle stone of Edo castle. It is the oldest family name in Suzaki. Please eat thin cut of kinme(alfonsino ) here. Spider crabs taken off the coast are also delicious.

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A big catch of isaki (grunt)
Warasa and baby yellowtail
Great madais (red sea bream)

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