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Ryushomaru (fishing boat)
456-3 Toji Shimoda

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Captain of the expedition fishing boat


Yutaka Suzuki
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Yutaka san


We are a fishermen from?my grandfather's generation in Toji.? It had been a lonely fishermen's village. Recently the Ryugu cave is getting popular and I see many tourists. Transparency of water is exceptional, as the outer Pacific is just in front of us.? Since we have got a big expedition fishing boat, our home port has changed to Takegahama, Shimoda Harbor.? We depart?at midnight and return late in the afternoon.? Whenever I catch the sight of Mt. Nesugata-yama from off the port, I feel relieved.


Leaving the port at 1 o'clock, we go to Zenisu, Inanba and Mikura Island. You never visit such areas if not for fishing. Mikura Island is surrounded by steep cliffs and dolphins are swimming below.? Veteran fishermen do not care, but every first comer gives? a cheer. ?As the boat has beds and air conditioning, it is?so comfortable to cruise. We teach you how to fish, even if you are a beginner. The other day,? huge tuna bit and?a young girl finally managed to caught it.

My recommendations

How delicious! Best restaurants to enjoy local specialties of Shimoda
'Sankyu.'? Both father and brother of the chef are fishermen. The signboard looks like that of Korean pub(indeed it is !), but you can eat fresh?sashimi such as kinme and Kuromutsu … and Korean chijimi.? I go there often with fellow fishermen.? The price is not high. At 'Sakirichi,' my favorite is the spicy noodle. I often go there after finishing maintainance of my ship on a day of no fishing.? In the evening it turns to be a pub.? The chef is a man of good humor.
Don’t miss them! Top three gifts of Shimoda
Himono, dried fish of 'Ogiso.'? In Shimoda you can say it's a brand ! The taste is stable.? Now, we have variety of himonos, such as kamasu and kinme (alfonsino).  But I, no doubt, recommend you the traditional aji- himono(saurel).? I often buy himonos as gifts. The staffs at the shop know the guests and what they need well, more than anybody expects.
We will show you how you can spend time and enjoy Shimoda.
Ryugu Sea Cave has become the most popular spot in Toji.? It is a small hill from outside, but?inside a huge sea cave appears.? It has a complete heart shape, and that's why it is called love spot.? Ryujin god is enshrined above, where people prayed for safety for navigation and big catch.? Sand ski is right next to Ryugu cave. Children can play with sleds. Needless to say, there are many treasure spots for fishing, here and there.? You can enjoy staying at Toji, with variety of experiences.

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Two people hold huge moroko.
The first fishing at Zenisu.
Fine 10 spear squids.

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