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Mikomotomaru (Izu Shimoda Fishing)
6-6 3 Chome Shimoda

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An idol dog loved by anglers






I am 16 years old. I am a?mix of Golden and Labrador. Dog-loving master brought me here.? I have been near the port all the way.? In the old days, lion faced people?on black ships landed here and a riot began.? Then a crying college student had a breakup with a dancing girl and left for Oshima Island.? These are famous incidents that took place around here.


Customers gather in the morning and go on a ship, soon.? They came back with a lot of fish in the afternoon.? The waiting salon is always quiet.? There are fine wooden furniture and the pictures are hanging. ?Customers sometimes call me and pat my head. People come not only from Tokyo and Yokohama but also far away, such as Aomori or Okinawa. ?There are a lot of fish around 'Mikomoto,' known for the lighthouse. Everyone goes there. It is said there are fine black fish called Mejina.

My recommendations

The most favorite place in Shimoda
In Shimoda, it is enjoyable to walk around. ?I have never got lost, because the roads are not winding. ?It is "Namako (?)" that has a white diamond on the black wall.? It was a kind of house built by people who had made a fortune.? Let's go for a stroll on the street with rich old houses, where a famous guy called Perry walked along.? This spot attracts so many guests. They are taking pictures of each other.
You cannot miss these local specialties once you are in Shimoda.
I would like you to eat delicious meat. "Yamagata" has the best meats of Matsuzaka. Even smell can attract me. "Hiranoya," a house of the "Namako wall," also offers a delicious steak with an affordable price. It was a venerable house where they supplied materials to foreign ships. If you want to fill your stomach near a quiet beach, go to "Akatsukitei"!
Recommended hotels in Shimoda and reasons for them
The charming salon of Mikomotomaru is all to myself, day and night. I cannot help dropping off with the temperature always agreeable. When anglers go out by boat, the ladies neatly dressed and young couples wander around here. It seems they are staying at luxurious hotels near the beach. I often hear "Tokyu Hotel" or "Rakuyu." I wish I could also make a trip once in a while.

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Comfortable waiting salon.
Cross over to Mikomotojima Island.
You often catch this kind of fish.

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