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Captain of a fishing boat


Yujiro Tsuchiya


Captain Yu


I had been away from Suzaki, and came back to my mother's?home running a fishing boat. Beside fishing boat, from September to May, Robster net fishing takes place.? And Takaashi crab fishing is our speciality over 30 yearsn in Shimoda.? It is really hard to draw?the world's largest crab from the depth of?400 m.? It is much more fun to fish with customers. I will be a good guide for new comers, even we depend much on regular customers.


Experienced fishermen do not care for cold wind in winter.? If there were a chance, they would come from afar.? I recommend beginners to start in a comfortable season.?
We also commit ourselves to expedition fishing with large, fast, safe and comfortable ship, which afford you tireless fun fishing.? Once you get familier with Tuna, Kanpachi and other great fishes, you are sure to be addicted.

My recommendations

Superb view spots of Shimoda recommended by local guides
The lighthouse of Tsumekizaki. If you stand there, the?view of ocean spreads over 200 degrees. The deep blue color of Kuroshio current extends as far as you can see. A strong wind shatters waves and?white foamy crests are patterns to the offing. In December, the wild narcissus comes into bloom all together. The cape is filled with sweet fragrance.
How delicious! Best restaurants to enjoy local specialties of Shimoda
Second son of my fellow fisherman has opened an Izakaya "Sankyu."? Fresh fish and shellfish are sent from his?family. It has become so popular that it's hard to make a reservation.? Without an impressive sign, guests may pass the door.? But I would say whatever you choose may be delicious, cooked with expert skill, which he acquired at a traditional ryokan. He was also working for a Korean restaurant, where he learned Chijimi and hot pots, which are tasty, too.
Recommended accommodations in Shimoda and reasons for them
A beautiful scenery?of Izu archipelago?changs constantly, over the window of "Hamaya," a minshuku located on a hill looking down Suzaki Port.? Fresh seafoods caught by the owner with his boat attract guests, together with the hot spring with panoramic ocean view.? The service of the wife?and her daughter is warm and considerate.
Kinme comes up from depth.
Our family runs Takaahi crab fishing.
Big catch of Shimaaji (yellow jack).

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