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Marine masters
1625-2 Suzaki Shimoda

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Captain of a fishing boat


Yuji Tsuchiya




Speaking about my pastime, it was fishing, swimming, diving and picking shellfish. Inevitably I have come to run the?fishing boat of my family.? I yearn to the days when I was a member of local JC. Through so called town planning or business management, I got friends with fellows who had different jobs.? It was a fun to learn and play golf with them. When I am off my fishing, I feel like playing golf, at times. I often see my guests come here with their golf cap on.? There may be something in common between fishing and golf. 30 years has passed since I decided to be a fisherman by profession. I take care of my relationship with guests.


Many of my guests watch fishing results on my home page.? My clients ask me to help catch what they want, that makes me inspired.? I am always thinking how I can make their wishes true.? I advise beginners to enjoy fishing, above all.? In the past, corporate fishing was popular, but now indivisual group is the mainstream.? When you participate in fun fishing, warm seasons are recommended.

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The most favorite place in Shimoda
Panoramic view from 'Ropeway.'? You can?overlook Suzaki Peninsula and the city of Shimoda. I feel the shells are still about to jump out of the cannon that once kept vigilant watch over Black Ships, on the mountain.? 'Perry Road,' with a row of classic architectures with typical Namako walls or Izuishi tuff warehouses.? Whenever I was there, I feel good being blown by the wind.
History of my household or tradition of my household
In my grandfather's generation, we used to run the ferry business.? We carried customers to? steep cliffs or remote islands, accessible only by ship.? In the high growth period in Japan,?we had to do many round trips a day.? Then it's my father who?bought a larger ship and switched to fishing boat.? We took customers to where fish were gathering.
We will show you how you can spend time and enjoy Shimoda.
A few days ago, when I was in the dock raising my ship, I was asked many questions by a curious tourist who was passing by.? I think 'Shimoda Guide Map' is well designed.? It's not bad to walk?around for?new spots, restaurants and so on, just like a tourist, with this map.? A local elderly who?looks difficult might turn friendly, and tells you lots of funny stories.

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Fat delicious Isaki
Depth 60 m near Mikomoto Island

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