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Fisherman and Himono, dried fish making expert


Nobuyoshi Tsuchiya


Nobu san


I used to run harpoon marlin fishing with my father and brother. Standing at the tip of the ship head, we kept the harpoon staring and chased marlin.  I also went out to Hachijo and off Chiba with all the equipement.  When my eldest daughter was born, I was chasing the marlin and could not contact to my family.  I felt paniced ! Time passed.  Now in Suzaki, Kinme(alfonsino) and Medai fishing are prevailing.  I have been devoting myself to processing marine products and its sales for 20 years now.   Making "Himono" experience  is popular both for educational travel students and adult groups.


Many students come to Suzaki on educational trips.  They are welcomed with warmth of the rural fishing village.  Suzaki is said to be the birthplace of Minshuku.  There are many experiences to offer in our village such as, round cruise by a fishing boat, fishing and snorkeling, etc.   In Ebisu island, there remains a stratum formed when Izu still was submarine volcanos.  The stratum of the white volcanic ash is so beautiful.  Stone Buddha group of Koshindo is a valuable historical heritage.  In the Himono making experience, you will make souvenir of fresh Himonos of Aji(saurel) which have received a lot of blessing of the sun.

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Don’t miss them! Top three gifts of Shimoda
Kinmedai preserved in Miso.  We have to carefully attend in Miso(bean paste) preparation.  Even Kinme is now tasted as Shabu Shabu or dried fish, the traditional flavor of Miso preserves the freshness of Kinme.  Marlin jerky is a delicacy unique to Suzaki that once prospered for marlin fishing. The texture of this does not taste like that of fish. The savour remains for a while.  Picking Hijiki(seaweed) is a familiar sight in April, here.  There is so called Long Hijiki, a real speciality, which is long, thick, soft and tasty.   (You can buy these 3 items at Hoei shop)
The most favorite place in Shimoda
Sunset over Ebisujima Island.  Beyond Shimoda harbor, Akanejima, Noroshizaki, Toji and eventually, the stretch of coastal line as far as Irozaki Cape is seen.  Not many local people know this beautiful panorama !
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It's a privilage to live here near the ocean and feel the sea breeze everyday.  But the merit to be here in Izu is that the sea and the mountain are so close.  If you drive a little, the scenery dramatically changes and you watch things you never find in your daily surroundings.  Kannon Onsen and Shokichi no yu(spa) are the highest altitude hot spring in Minamiizu. It is famous for the ultra alkaline hot spring, which produces beautiful skin.  And it really warms you up to the core of body and is relaxing.  You can see Amagi mountains ranging in the distance.

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Fresh and fat Aji
If you make, taste even better
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