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Captain of a ferry


Saiko Watanabe
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Captain Saiko


Born at a professional diver's family with 100 years' history in a?small village in the southern tip of Shimoda.? I have accepted the tradition as a female diver, and catch abalone and turban shells in a beautiful sea, although the way to dive and catch shellfishes has changed. Next to this, I am the captain of the ferry,'Kiichi-maru' we own.


Off Toji is the first-class fishing point !? You can enjoy plentiful fishes such as Mejina, Isaki,Takabe, Budai, Madai, Ishigakidai, Moroko, Shimaaji, Hiramasa, Buri, Kanpachi, bonito, mackerel, bass, Hata, Kawahagi, Kasago, etc.

My recommendations

The most favorite place in Shimoda
Ryugu sea cave, which I call 'Ryugu-san,' has two holes inside and only one, if you approach from the sea. Outside is the Pacific ocean. Please visit Ryugusan and you may blessed with a wonderful encounter ! ※ Recently it is called 'Heart Spot.'
Recommended accommodations in Shimoda and reasons for them
Rinkaiso is recommended.? Young owner is a enthusiast for fishing.? Fresh and tasty fish dishes are amazing at the table.? Not only cuisine, but also you can enjoy great view of Sotoura beach, in front of you.
The beach in front of?Toji village.? Although it is not easy to walk with pebbles on the beach, I like it best because?I used to?swim every day in summer since I was a child.
Mejina is very popular
Oversized Shimaaji
Lord of the cave ?

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