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Shimoda Geisha Okiya Masuya
1-21 4 Chome Shimoda City

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Shimoda geisha


Nami Masuya
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Nami san


I am a geisha girl born and raised in Shimoda. I have a recollection of hearing the shamisen(guitar) from my neighborhood everyday, and seeing the geisha girl waiting for a car going up to ozashiki(banquet) for entertainment show. The sound of clogs walking down the street and the voice of fighting drunkard were my lullaby. When I was in my twenties I happened to be in New York and helped selling furniture and music box. Returning to Shimoda, I have been focusing my mind on cultivating young geishas, remembering of the gorgeous old days. I have got fully aware of my being Japanese, nowadays.


Speaking of Shimoda, it is Tojin Okichi, a Shimoda geisha to be mentioned, after all. Why don't you have a different time than usual? Geisha's basic is maintained in every day practice. We are obliged to to show off an assured performance. Meanwhile, in Ozashiki(banquet), we read the atmosphere and must boost the party mood. Konpira fune bune, a little bit sexy greeting etc. are classics. Recently one creeps out after the toast and disguise as a geisha and barges into the banquet .... That really boost the banquet mood.

My recommendations

Superb view spots of Shimoda recommended by local guides
It is in ozashiki(banquet). Please touch the human kindness while traveling. Shimoda is a town that kimono matches well. Maybe you will meet geishas with takashimda wig by chance … Please feel free to speak to us.
The most favorite place in Shimoda
In front of the gold folding screen. This place gives us a sense of tension when we perform the music and the dance.
You cannot miss these local specialties once you are in Shimoda.
Please try to visit Kushida Kura Cafe, in the central town of Shimoda, where you will be served Northern Indian Curry, so delicious ! A high colonnade storehouse loaded with Izu Stone that feels cool and comfortable. We set fire to the fireplace in winter. Actually, this is my parents home. It also sells CDs.
Surprising Geisha, must be a big hit !
Okichi Story and Shimoda Bushi, I recommend.
Dance and the sound of shamisen

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