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Educational trip with full of nature in Toji


Ryuushi Kikuchi


Ryuushi san


More than 30 years ago, during the bubble era, I made a U-turn from Tokyo and worked hard for the development of the area, but when the bubble burst, my dreams were shattered and I went to work for a local company. I retired in 2009, but worked as a temporary employee for 4 years and completely retired in March 2022, taking over minshuku that my mother had run. At that time, I also took over the educational travel desk from the former chairman. Toji is a small village full of scenic beauty and nature, and is suitable for educational tours. I would like to challenge new things while implementing the existing programs for students.


Minshukus of my fellow villagers accept educational travels, with hospitality of fishermen's village, that is warm, but not elegant at all. Our guests are delighted with fresh fish and shellfish. The sand ski sled made of bamboo was replaced with plastic, though excitement of sliding down is the same. In the fishing boat experience, you can observe flying fish. When you see the Izu Peninsula from off the coast, rough steep cliffs, remaining of the volcanic islands in remote old ages, must overwhelm you. An important cultural heritage, Seated Amitabah is settled in a temple. The statue was drifted ashore in Heian era. It is an idol for worshiping in the neighborhood.

My recommendations

The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
Facing the Kuroshio current, the flow is fast and the transparency is preeminent. Abundant natural blessings such as abalones, turban shells and hijiki(seaweed) and high-scented laver are always at hand. You must traverse winding rocky cliffs to get to my secret spot. It is the best fun for me, to dive bless-hold, and pick shellfish.
The most favorite place in Shimoda
Cape Tarai in Toji offers a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean, and on a clear day, the seven Izu islands can be seen clearly. It is also a great place for fishing down the coast.
Great dating spots in Shimoda (with bittersweet memories of local guides)
Ryugukutsu Sea Cave. The stratum of millions of years ago formed when Izu was a southern submarine volcano, has been eroded by waves, to form a large sea cave. Dim skylight falls from the open window, above. Climing up to the observation deck, you can see a beautiful heart shape. Try to utter love to your sweet fellow, the feeling of love must be conveyed. Ryugukutsu is now, called heart spot, and getting familiar to young couples.
Sand ski with magical shape
Crafts in a nostalgic old school
A flock of flying fish comes up

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