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Marine masters
Izu Shimoda Marine Center
23-12 1 Chome Shimoda City

What is the specialty of this instructor?

Arrangements for first fishing on board a ship, various marine activities and filming coordination


Seiichi Iida


Iida san


I was born and brought up in Shimoda. I am enjoying fishing and the whole sea activities. Please ask me for fishing in Shimoda.
I also have jobs of location coordination and surface/underwater support.
I participated as a staff in the filming of NHK Taiga Drama "Ryoma Den" and movie "Umi zaru," a diver's drama.


Please enjoy fishing by boat in Shimoda Harbor! "Fishing, equipment free, in Shimoda harbor" course is safe even for the first comers ! Our staff would even put a bait and remove fish from hook ! Captain used to get seasick in his childhood. We choose the fishing spots, so that you would not get seasick and enjoy fishing. We enthusiastically welcome families with children, couples, friends.

My recommendations

How delicious! Best restaurants to enjoy local specialties of Shimoda
Shimoda remindes you fish, delicious fish! However, I dare recommend good meat. Sukiyaki in the middle of summer is cool ! Sukiyaki and boar dishes at "Nabeya Omura" are best meats in Shimoda.
The most favorite place in Shimoda
Sunset at Shimoda Harbor.
Don’t miss them! Top three gifts of Shimoda
Souvenirs I recommend at Miyaka shop near Shimoda Station.
No.1 Kinme Jerky, No.2 Kinme miso-zuke(preserved in miso), No.3 Hijiki(seaweed)
Young apprentices.
The first fish !
A Black Ship is approaching.

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Mr. Tanaka
Ms. Aoki


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