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Nail Salon & Cafe Pri ・ Rose
3-1 2 chome, Shimoda

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Manicurist & Manicure teacher


Masumi Saitou
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Handsome Masumi-chan


Giving up my office job, I have become Manicurist, with various qualifications. I have also opened manicurist school.


There is a cafe in the nail salon to support women's beauty, with the menu such as sweets and smoothies. I am aiming to help all my guests maintain their beauty inside and outside, and be healthy, happy and glittering.

My recommendations

The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
Kisami Ohama Beach is wide! large! white! blue! My troubles are small things.
Our specialties!
I, manicurist who loves Shimoda, recommend Shimoda original design nails Please come and visit us.
Great dating spots in Shimoda (with bittersweet memories of local guides)
Foot bath in Madogahama Park. It is the best meeting place.

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It is a healing space with a nail salon and a cafe
Cafe menu is rich. The lunch is popular!
How about Shimoda original nails, for the memory of the trip?

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