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Surfing photographer


Tomomi Mizuguchi




My home Ground is Izu. I have been taking surfing photos at Higashi Izu, Minami Izu and Nishiizu beaches since the 1970's. Especially transparent ocean and white sand beachs in Shimoda are the best locations for taking surfing photos. I was born in Shuzenji (Izu City) and I was absorbed in mountain climbing in high school, and participated in interscholastic athletic meet as a representative of Shizuoka prefecture. After that, I encountered surfing at the university, I got a job at Surf Magazine Company at the dawn of surfing in Japan. Then I traveled shooting surfing photos along coasts of the whole country with my camera, and my livelihood was established. I traveled to the islands of Pacific, Indian Ocean. Then North, Middle and South American Continents and Australia, and so on. I am still stuck to the sea of Izu, especially the beaches in Shimoda, even after all my carreers abroad.


I continue to take pictures of the landscape in Izu such as wave, ocean and mountains. I sometimes hold photo exhibitions. To take surfing photos, I first choose the beach considering the weather and the sea condition. All the Shimoda seas have high transparency and the shape of the collapsing wave is very beautiful. I take many photos while you enjoy surfing freely. Please think that I am not mere photographer but also a surfing and lifestyle guide. Let's spend happy time, together.

My recommendations

We will show you how to spend time and enjoy Shimoda.
Wave checks are essential for every surfer. Waves on 9 beachs in Shimoda are altered by the wind. Curious to say, a good wave point often is a comfortable place to be. Set a beach umbrella and be relaxed. When the good waves come, plunge into the water .... If you have delicious foods, you may be happier. You can enjoy hot springs after surfing.
The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
Tatado Beach. You can constantly surf throughout the year. We have raised many high-level surfers, from here. AsTatado beach is equipped with showers, toilets and the parking lot, you are secure. Feel the ocean with your senses.
Great dating spots in Shimoda (with bittersweet memories of local guides)
Shirahama Shrine. The shrine is observing the volcanic activity of Izu Islands , and is a domain of the god of marriage. Please pledge love at the precincts in woods, or at the holy gateway settled on the rock near the beach.
If you go to Ryugu Sea Cave at Toji, got known as a Geo Park site, look at the cliff inside shaped like a heart, eroded by waves. Your love will surely come true.

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Self portrait on the wave.
Surfing lifestyle guide.
So beautiful transparent waves.

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