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Captain of Kinme fishing boat


Nagao Ozawa
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Nagao san


Marlin fishing once was the mainstream in Suzaki.? Now, Banjo Takamiyamaru is specialized in kinme, like other fisherman boats, here. in the west side of Izu Islands, named"Tonai", you can catch the finest fat kinme, Himodari Kinme.? Even we have a lot of regular customers, we will teach beginners kindly, so that they can enjoy fishing.


Leaving the port in the dark, we go fishing for kinme-dai that live in the depths of 300-500 meters off Niijima Island.? We call them Brand Kinme.? Unlike other fishing, as we draw deeply hung fishing line, many beautiful red Kinme are connected and coming up. ? I'm very happy when I look at it.

My recommendations

The most favorite place in Shimoda
Off Niijima, though it's not Shimoda. The deep ocean is the home to Kinme. Once you see the scenery of the deep blue sea and magnificent Izu Islands you can not forget them.
How delicious! Best restaurants to enjoy local specialties of Shimoda
It' s difficult to make reservation at Gorosaya. One of fellow Suzaki inhabitants runs this restaurant.? Besides Kinme, fresh seafoods are brought from Suzaki port. ? The cooking skill is excellent to make Gorosaya the best place to eat.
Our specialties!
I stick to "Himodori Kinme."? Now Kinme has become a nation-wide brand.? Especially the Kinme on the market in Suzaki is exceptional in taste. ? It is amazingly delicious? for traditional boiled dish, sushi, shabu-shabu, aquapazza, etc.? Kinme is good to fish and to eat !

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Brilliant red color of "Himodori Kinme."
Customers satisfied with the best catch.
Suzaki Peninsula and Tsumekijima Island.

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