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Shimoda Mitsubachi (Beekeeper)
1021-4 Kisami Shimoda City

What is the specialty of this instructor?

Beekeeper, Town Planning Coordinator, Amateur Radio Operator (JA 2 BWL)


Takeo Yosezato




Video production was my former business, but I got interested in community planning and have become coordinator of community planning. I had a chance to study at the Ginza Bee Project in Ginza, Tokyo and I later started sightseeing with beekeeping in Shimoda, a tourist resort. I do my best to let the tourists to Shimoda, taste the genuine local foods. Shimoda is my hometown.


Today, many of the same things are distributed throughout Japan in market principles. As transportation becomes convenient and things processed so as not go bad easily are overflowing, we are trying hard to make the real taste without additives. I will guide you about wonderful Shimoda through amateur radio, too.

My recommendations

How delicious! Best restaurants to enjoy local specialties of Shimoda
Isokatei of seafood. As you go there several times and get familiar with Master, various dishes come out free ⁉ from him.
Superb view spots of Shimoda recommended by local guides
It is Ogasaki Wing. The scenery from the cliff of about 70 meters high, will revive tired travelers. The beautiful coastline is breathtaking.
自宅 (2)
The most favorite place in Shimoda
I reformed the waste left by my ancestors, and live an enjoyable life.
自宅 (1)
Flower field in front of our house
養蜂 最新 003
Great! Bee's team work
朝日小 総合
So many curious things in the nature.

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