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Maruto Wasabi
1523 Suhara Shimoda

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wasabi farmer & owner of a once-a-month cafe


Masako Iida


Masako san


I am a wife of wasabi farmer 'Maruto wasabi.' I was born and brought up in the city. I got married to a wasabi farmer, 15 years ago. I play around with my three children in the sea or in the mountains.


The babbling of the river echoes in the mountain, and birds and frogs calls. Grace of wild vegetables and berries, every season. Appearance of old man and woman who farm work in the field ・ ・ ・. There is nothing special but a place where calm air flows. I open the cafe at the balcony of the wasabi farmhouse once a month. I offer you homemade cakes, pickles and so on at the edge side of the house. I hope you feel like nestling in a rural grandmother's house. I would be pleased if you spend leisure time apart from busy everyday life, at Maruto's.

My recommendations

The most favorite place in Shimoda
The sea of Shimoda. I was so moved by the transparency and beauty of Shimoda 's sea, because I was brought up in the big city. You can enjoy fishing and crabbing at Ebisujima Island, swim with various tropical fish if you dive in the ocean. You could find nothing to get bored of. For children and adults alike, there are plenty of sources to have fun. Ocean and mountain are really beautiful. You can play till get exhausted ... Shimoda is indeed so nice.
Recommended restaurants for lunch that will make you want to come back to Shimoda again
My children and I like Kintoki Seikaten, confectionary at Nishi Hongo. Nabeyaki Udon in winter, shaved ice in summer, and Japanese sweets lined up on the glass shelves are recommended. The shopkeeper, Kintoki no Ojisan who is over 80 years old is like a grandpa of children. I feel so happy when I see him shaking the pot in the kitchen and my stomach and heart are satisfied.

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Balcony Cafe, at generations old Wasabi Farmer's
You can have hand-made sweets
Filled?with a?sense?of?relief

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