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Satoru Ozawa
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Papa yan


I'm from Hyogo prefecture. (get easily excited, burst into Kansai dialect whenever I meet people from Kansai) I played around the sea in Okinawa in my school days, while I used to spend winter time at Happone as a ski instructor. Years passed, and I have been in Shimoda for 23 years, after being an office worker in Tokyo. From Spring to Autumn, I will be an 'amachan' or a diver and a sea kayak guide and a snorkeling instructor. I suddenly escape to one of the islands when I am free.

Owns a qualification of the specific first grade small vessel license and diving license.


Although the idea of kayaking varies among persons, I hope everyone gets familiar with kayak and enjoy the sea. I never think of difficult things, except understanding the fear of the sea. Enjoying the sky above, sometimes I cross over to the islands. Then I put my kayak aside and start snorkeling. In my career as a guide, I have received guests from 3 to 78 years old. Anyone can enjoy. Personally, I'm interested in crossing to the islands and play on the shore.

My recommendations

The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
Tsumekizaki Kaigan and Kujippama Beach. Although you can catch nice view of the ocean from shore , as a kayak guide, I want you to enjoy the scenery from the sea. Watch the changing colors of the water, time to time. The columnar joints is also worth watching. As I am an'amachan' or a diver, I can guide you even underwater.
Great dating spots in Shimoda (with bittersweet memories of local guides)
Tsumekizaki Kaigan and Kujippama Beach. Just two of you, if not happen to meet a turtle on the way. Just two of you when you arrive on the beach. Just two of you when you go under the water snorkeling, and are surrounded by preeminent beauty of the scenery. Unfortunately, I will bother you as the guide. But I take pictures of two of you at sea all day. I think pictures will be wonderful memories because only two of you are seen in the pictures.
Fun memories!
With beautiful ocean,
I Offer you.

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