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Ryosenji Temple where US-Japan Shimoda Treaty was signed.
12-12 3 chome Shimoda

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The chief priest of Ryosenji Temple, Lecture of ’Shimoda Open Port Story’


Daiei Matsui


Chief priest


I am a chief priest of Ryosenji Temple where the US-Japan Shimoda Treaty was signed. I had served as the President of the Tourism Association of Shimoda until recently and organized various tourism events. I've got known with descendants of Commodore Perry through America-Japan Society of Shimoda. I have been collecting materials related to the Black Ship and Opening of Japan for a long time and exhibit them in the Black Ship Museum,'MoBS.' I am frequently asked to give a lecture and sometimes appear on TV.


Many of the original texts relating Black Ship and Opening of the country seen in television and textbooks belong to Ryosenji Temple. My talk 'Shimoda Opening Story' using these materials is popular among participants from primary school students to elderly people. I dare say it's so interesting ! Elementary school students who listened to my story for one hour said "A lot of fun !" Can you believe it ? The common sense that the story of the religious is difficult must be overturned. I talk in English for foreigners. This English lecture is also .... amusing !

My recommendations

Don’t miss them! Top three gifts of Shimoda
I offer you a book named 'Kurofune,' which sells at the shop of MoBS, filled with many pictures. It is so interesting that you might read (see?) it through at a breath. Actually, questions on many TV quiz shows are referring to materials in this book.
Recommended hotels in Shimoda and reasons for them
Hot spring at the Hotel Kannon Onsen is slimy and makes you feel polished. Miraculous hot spring that makes your skin smooth with strong alkalinity. It seems that old horny skin falls and the skin starts shining. This hot spring is recommended especially for ladies who want to have the skin like a boiled egg.
Recommended restaurants for lunch that will make you want to come back to Shimoda again
'Ishiyaki Namerodon' at Ryoma is a great taste ! Scorch namero(paste) of saurel with rice, in a hot stone bowl, and eat while it's hot. You should also taste the traditional boiled alfonsino.

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Drama of Opening of the country.
Where Shimoda Treaty was signed.
Many historical materials at MoBS.

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