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Masashi Takeda
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Takeda san


Born in December 1975. A professional sea kayaking guide who operates tours mainly in Izu from 2000. I paddled over 4,722 miles along all the sea coast in Japan in 2005. And I was convinced that the most enjoyable sea kayak spot in Japan is the Izu peninsula. I am a certified Izu Peninsula GEO Guide.


The charm of the sea of Shimoda is the white sand beach and the blue ocean. Kayaking with your own silhouette paddling kayak down the ocean floor makes you extremely delighted. Kayak Tour on the coast of Shimoda must add on extra values to your trip, if biological diversity and Geo-point of view are considered. You can fully experience the fascination of playing in the sea, near the coast of Shimoda.

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The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
From Tsumekizaki to Shirahama. Rugged lava cliffs border the white sand and the blue sea for a long distance, making striking beauty. This is the sea of Shimoda ! Imagine you are floating in the blue sea with kayak, a highlight of the picturesque scenes of your trip in Shimoda.

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