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Researcher of Buddha statues / Chief curator, Uehara Museum of Art (Buddhist Hall)


Sei Tajima


Teacher Tajima


Born in Tokyo in 1970. After teaching for 10 years at a private high school in Tokyo, I came to Shimoda in 2001. I am devoted myself to investigating the statues of Buddha and stone Buddhists in Izu. The number of Buddha statues surveyed exceeds 1,200 and the number of stone Buddhists exceeds 1000. I intend to let you know the charm of the Buddha statue in Izu. I am introducing statues of Buddha at the regular exhibitions of Uehara Museum of Art. I sometimes appear on local cable TV and deliver lectures in various places. I also posted articles entitled 'Visiting the Buddha statues in Izu' in Izu Newspaper from June in 2012 to August in the next year.


When I came to Izu, I thought that there were no old Buddha statues at all. 12 years have passed since then. There is something I can say now, Izu is a treasure of old Buddha statues! A few years ago, we had the Buddha statue boom in metropolitan area, but there are few old Buddha statues in Tokyo. The famous Kamakura has suffered warfare several times and there are disappointedly few old Buddha statues. So Izu! There are many good Buddha statues and interesting stone Buddha's in Izu. Come to Izu to see the Buddha statues. I can propose a totally new tourism, here in Izu.

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Superb view spots of Shimoda recommended by local guides
5 minutes walk from Suzaki Kaigan bus stop. A thirty-three Kannon stone Buddhas in Koshindo at Kojirahama Beach is a must-see. It is spectacular that thirty-three stone Buddhas with various expressions are lined up in the niche of the cliff where Izu stone was cut from, in the Edo period. A life-size stone statue of Enma that appears in the local legend, is in a small hall on the nearby hill. This is also quite unique and must-see. The full view of Suzaki fishing port under Enma is wonderful.
The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
White sand of Nabetahama Beach. And emerald green produced by clear water is outstanding. There is a small Torii beneath a rocky mountain that protrudes into the cove, and as you climb, there is a Konpira Shrine on the top. The color of the sea, again, strikes you with beauty from there. In the Edo Period, there was a checking station for ships around here and it is interesting that there are some stones to connect boats in the nearby shore.
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Relax through the exhibition of the renewed Uehara Museum of Art. I am in charge of Buddhist Hall which is equipped with the latest air conditioning and lighting system, to make a purified prayer space. Please communicate with the masterpieces such as the Buddha statues of the Heian period and the Kamakura period, the old sutras of the Nara period. A gallery where carved wooden 120 Buddha statues made by modern sculptors is also impressing. Modern Hall is an individual collection of Shoji Uehara, honorary chairman of Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. You may appreciate from Impressionists' masterpieces to modern Japanese paintings in a tranquil atmosphere.

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Fudomyoo made by modern sculptor
Impression of Buddha emerges
Impressionist masterpieces

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