Enjoy Mt.Nesugata by ropeway. Superb view of ocean and the town. (Shimoda Ropeway)

Throughout a year
1 people 1,500yen~

Outline of the program

Get on a ropeway to Mt.Nesugata(lying lady) noted for superb view and?a 'matchmaking power' ! ? From the observation platform on the summit, you can get the view of whole Shimoda Port, one of the two Japanese ports opened to the world with the U.S.-Japan treaty, and the ocean as far as Izu Seven Islands. In the flower park on the summit, flowers of each season greet the guests.? Some visitors bring their lunch and relax on the lawn. Aizendo Hall sacred to a god of ties is at the end of the promenade and is widely known as a power spot for love. ? Throwing Nagomi-Dama expands the human network, which also has good reputation. 200yen for 4 Nagomi-Damas.

Program schedule

Shimoda Ropeway is only within 1 minute walk from Izukyu Shimoda Station and operating every 15 minutes. The length of stay on the summit is 1 hour or so including the time of strolling.
*Take souvenir photos in front of magnificent view of the ocean.
*Throw Nagomi-dama, with your wish.
*Pray for good marriage at Aizen-do.

Availability of English guides on the day of the activity

Japanese only.

Detail of the program

Venue ⁄ location Shimoda Ropeway (Mt.Nesugata)
Available period Throughout a year
Available period
Hours of registration (Mar.16-Oct.15) 8:45am - 5:00pm(last cable car to go up:4:30pm) / (Oct.16-Mar.15)8:45am - 4:45pm(last cable car to go up:4:15pm)
Length of the program 1 hour
Reservation Not required / As for groups, reservations are desirable
Toilet Yes
Kiosk Yes
Necessity of bringing something to eat Yes
Place to eat Yes

Required items to bring

Precautions ⁄ remarks

Pets like small-size dogs are allowed to ride only when carried in a bag or cage and kept inside even on the summit. *Guide dogs and service dogs can get on.

Details of the fee

Ropeway round-trip fare Adults: 1,500 yen; Children: 750 yen (elementary school students included; tax included)
Remarks concerning the fee
Payment method Get a ticket
Cancellation fee no cancellation charge (please contact, if you have made reservation)
Reservations accepted from Throughout a year
Reservations accepted until Previous day, 5:00pm
Maximum number of people accepted through the reservation 30 people

Meeting place ⁄ map

Meeting place (name) ⁄ meeting time

Shimoda Ropeway

Meeting place (address ⁄ access)

1 minute walk from Izukyu Shimoda Station

Reservation ⁄ inquiry

English service for making reservations and inquiries No support in English. Please contact to 'Seamon' by phone or e-mail.
Name Shimoda Ropeway
Address 1-3-2 Higashi Hongo Shimoda
TEL ⁄ FAX Tel.0558-22-1211  Fax.0558-23-0900
When you make a reservation or inquiry on the phone or via FAX, tell the instructor that you saw the Sea-mon website.
Business hours 9:00am - 5:00pm
Closed 7 days a week (Cancelled due to strong wind, etc.)
Website http://www.ropeway.co.jp

Guide to Shimoda

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Mr. Tanaka
Ms. Aoki


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