Manicure and the latest trend Design Gel Nail (Cherish Nail)

Throughout a year
1 people 1,500yen~

Outline of the program

It is a private nail salon. I will give you small happiness at your fingertips.
○ Cuticle Care + Polish or Massage : 1,500 yen
○ Foot Care (50 min.) : 2,000 yen
○ Gradation Gel Nail Art (70 min.) : 3,500 yen
○ Fixed charge Nail Art (90 min.) : 4,300 yen / 4,800 Yen / 5,300 yen
※ Tax included for all rates.

Program schedule

< Schools for DIY gel nail at home>
1 day school (180 min.) : 5,400 yen,
2 days' school (180 min. /120 min.) : 14,800 yen
※ Tax included for all rates.

Availability of English guides on the day of the activity

Japanese and simple English are used.

Detail of the program

Venue ⁄ location Cherish Nail
Available period Throughout a year
Available period
Hours of registration 10:00am - 4:00pm
Length of the program 90 minutes
Reservation Required
Toilet Yes
Kiosk No
Necessity of bringing something to eat Yes
Place to eat Yes

Required items to bring

Precautions ⁄ remarks

Please note that we cannot treat you, if skin disorder is seen on the day.

Details of the fee

○ Cuticle Care + one color nail polish (50 min.) : 1,500 yen ○ Foot care (50 min.) : 2,000 yen ○ Gel nail with one color & gradation (70 min.) : 3,500 yen ○ French Nail (70 min.) : 4,000 yen ○ Nail design (90min.) : 4,300 yen / 4,800 yen / 5,300 yen ○ Pedicure design (90 min.) : 4,500 yen / 5,000 yen ○ Self-gel 1day school (180 min.) : 5,400 yen ○ Kid's nail (10 min.) : 500 yen ※ Kid's nail is available from 3 persons or more. ※ Tax included.
Remarks concerning the fee
Payment method Cash on the day
Cancellation fee On the day and non-participation without notice : 100%
Reservations accepted from Throughout a year
Reservations accepted until Previous day, 6:00pm
Maximum number of people accepted through the reservation 1~4 people

Meeting place ⁄ map

Meeting place (name) ⁄ meeting time

Cherish Nail

Meeting place (address ⁄ access)

7 min. bus ride from Shimoda Station for Irozaki or Shimogamo and get out at Tatado, then 3 min. walk.

Reservation ⁄ inquiry

English service for making reservations and inquiries No support in English. Please contact to "Seamon" by phone or email.
Name Cherish Nail
Address 15-3 Kisami Shimoda
TEL ⁄ FAX Tel.090-5004-8748 
When you make a reservation or inquiry on the phone or via FAX, tell the instructor that you saw the Sea-mon website.
Business hours 10:00am - 4:00pm
Closed Irregular

Guide to Shimoda

We can answer your inquiries and provide extra information.

Mr. Tanaka
Mr. Otani


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