Photo shooting of surf-riding (Feel’s Visual Works)

Throughout a year
1 people 10,000yen~

Outline of the program

Surfing photos by a well known surfing photographer should be your life time memory.
If you have not got used to surfing, I will help you choose a surfing course by a surf shop in Shimoda.
We can collaborate to get good shots for you.
While you enjoy surfing, I take pictures from various angles.
It's my role to choose a beach depending on the weather and wave.
I will give you photos by data.
Requests such as action shots of competitors or fun surf experience, are acceptable.

Program schedule

3 hours' program
(1hour : preparation and moving to the spot - 2hours : shooting photos(surfing)
You can surf freely.
Meeting place : 1 of the beaches in Shimoda(selected before the program)
(Place for changing clothes, shower and baggage handling is instructed.)

Availability of English guides on the day of the activity

English is used.

Detail of the program

Venue ⁄ location Shirahama or Kisami, etc. , Shimoda
Available period Throughout a year
Available period On week days / Closed during July & Auguest (sea bathing season)
Hours of registration 9:00am - / 1:00pm -
Length of the program About 3 hours
Reservation Required
Toilet Yes, at each beach
Kiosk Yes, convenience stores (2min. by car) etc.
Necessity of bringing something to eat Yes
Place to eat Yes, on the spots

Required items to bring

Wet suits, Surf board, etc.(I recommend you a surf shop)

Precautions ⁄ remarks

Please be careful about the health condition on the day. It happens we do not undertake the program, if the weather or waves turn to be not good enough. Period such as crowded sea bathing season is not suitable. (July - August)

Details of the fee

10,000yen (tax included) / person If you want edited data, it will be sent C.O.D., later. In case we collaborate with a surfshop, you need to pay an additional fee for the experience and rental, etc.
Remarks concerning the fee
Payment method Cash on the day.
Cancellation fee On the day and non-participation without notice: 100%
Reservations accepted from Throughout a year
Reservations accepted until Previous day, 3:00pm
Maximum number of people accepted through the reservation 1~5 people

Meeting place ⁄ map

Meeting place (name) ⁄ meeting time

Shirahama beach, Kisami beach, etc., Shimoda

Meeting place (address ⁄ access)

10~15min. by bus from Izukyu-Shimoda Station, to each beach

Reservation ⁄ inquiry

English service for making reservations and inquiries English is available by phone.
Name Feel's Visual Works(Tomomi Mizuguchi)
Address 142-1 Kisami Shimoda
TEL ⁄ FAX Tel.090-8470-0684  Fax.0558-22-8176
When you make a reservation or inquiry on the phone or via FAX, tell the instructor that you saw the Sea-mon website.
Business hours 9:00am - 7:00pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Guide to Shimoda

We can answer your inquiries and provide extra information.

Mr. Tanaka
Ms. Aoki


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