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Takayuki Yamamoto


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Born in Matsuzaki-Town. After graduating from high school, I was in another prefecture for 12 and a half years. After a while, I found myself back in my hometown. Now I am enjoying leisurely time.


This 20-minute cruise takes you to historical spots in Shimoda Port. You can see Benten Island, where Shoin Yoshida hid when he attempted a secret voyage, the anchorage site of Perry's fleet. Townscape of Shimoda is also available on board. The special observation room on the second floor of the Susquehanna is very popular for its far-reaching view of the sea. (500 yen is required in addition to the boarding fee.)

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The most favorite place in Shimoda
The Murayama Residence at Rendaiji preserves the low-ceiling room on the second floor used as Shoin's living room (known as the "hidden room") and the inner bathtub that was dug down. The desk and inkstone box that Shoin is said to have used are also well preserved. The remains of the Shoin retreat are the setting for a secret story when the port opened at the end of the Edo period, a recommended spot to feel the history. The staff will be glad to tell you about the history in detail.
Superb view spots of Shimoda recommended by local guides
The cross-bedding of Bentenjima. Kakisaki Bentenjima is where Yoshida Shoin, a famous thinker and leader at the end of the Edo period, planned to travel secretly with black ships. The strata seen around Bentenjima were formed millions of years ago when volcanic ash and pumice ejected from undersea volcanoes were carried away by waves and ocean currents. Bentenjima was formed when these strata were uplifted by crustal movement and then scraped by waves. The diagonally intersecting stripes are called cross-bedding, providing clues to the direction and propulsion of the ocean currents of the time. You can see beautiful strata created by Mother Nature. The island is connected to land and can be reached on foot.

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