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Kaoru Ichinose


Ichinose san


Born in 1952. I started my career at Izukyu Railroad Corporation in 1971.  I was addicted to taking pictures of trains and collecting components of the train, based on my job and passion for photograph.  I was sent on loan to Izu Cruise(present) in charge of the high-speed car ferry TSL for 3 years from 1997 to 2000. Afterward, I formally joined Izu Cruise in 2012.


Referring to the last Shogunate and the Opening Port, Shimoda Harbor is the key word in the history of Japan.  A round trip inside this historical port takes 20 minutes.  Why don't you enjoy Shimoda, trying to learn the history of the upheaval of this country, listening to the guidance in the ship.  If you would like to look down the whole historical town, Shimoda Ropeway is perfect.  If you would trace the footsteps of Shoin Yoshida, a famous patriot, do not miss 'Murayama Residence(Gukisho)' in Rendaiji. You can enjoy splendid weeping peach blossoms in early April, in the neighborhood.  However, to explore the history and romance of Shimoda, get on board Susquehanna !

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The most favorite place in Shimoda
It was 500 years ago, many precious lives were lost due to aggressive conflict, where you see ruins of Fukane Castle, now.  Two 150 year old weeping cherries seem uttering silent words from depth. They come into bloom so dramatically in early April and attract lots of tourists, who take pictures.  I never miss visiting there, with my camera.  If it's Spring, there is no choice but to catch the glimps of this marvelous cherry, before you leave.   I share the same resonance with the ancient spirit shielded here.
sakura007 深根城祉
What is the best word to describe Shimoda?
It is the harbor of Shimoda where the Black Ships (American frigates) broke in, to bring the Shogunate to an end.  Then, Shoin Yoshida, a great patriot, should never be missed in the history of Japan. History walk tracing the footsteps of Shoin Yoshida who saw the world from Shimoda Harbor, with flowers of the seasons full in bloom, is so impressive.
Don’t miss them! No.1 gift of Shimoda
A souvenir full of remembrance. We take your picture in front of Susquehanna.  You are offered tickets combining Susquehanna boarding tickets and group photos . This is the No.1 souvenir in Shimoda, I'm sure.

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