‘Tojin Okichi, and Ryoma soaring up’ Guide of Okichi Memorial Hall (Hofukuji Temple)

Throughout a year
1 people 400yen~

Outline of the program

Historical tour with talk entitled 'Okichi and Ryoma' at the temple. Tojin Okichi, quietly bloomed
in the shadow of the opening of the country, died a lonely death. Hofukuji Temple is well known
as her burial place.
In addition, it's from here Ryoma Sakamoto, an ardent patriot, ran through the turbulent era.
He was overlooked his crime of running away from his feudal domain.
Please visit the grave of Okichi and listen to the historical talks, while looking at the related items of
the two unique figures in the Memorial Hall.

Program schedule

Grave of Okichi is in the precincts. And the room where Kaishu Katsu asked Yodo Yamanouchi, the load of feudal domain Tosa, to forgive Ryoma's fault.
Then memorial hall where many items related to Okichi and Ryoma are displayed.
It is about 20 minutes' historical talk and tour.

Availability of English guides on the day of the activity

Japanese only. No English guide. Some exhibits are displayed in English. English brochure is available.

Detail of the program

Venue ⁄ location Hofukuji Temple, Tojin Okichi Memorial Hall
Available period Throughout a year
Available period Tojin Okichi Memorial Hall is open all year round. But tours may not be available,irregularly. Please confirm.
Hours of registration 8:00am - 5:00pm
Length of the program 20 - 30 minutes
Reservation Not required/ Necessary for a group guide. A Group of 20 persons and up (10% discount)
Toilet Yes
Kiosk Yes
Necessity of bringing something to eat No
Place to eat No

Required items to bring

Precautions ⁄ remarks

○ You may participate the tour with other guests. ○ Historical talk and tour is included in the admission fee. (admission : 400 yen for adult / 200 yen for junior high・high school student / free for elementary school students or under) ○ Historical tour may not be available,irregularly. Please confirm in advance if you wish.

Details of the fee

Admission fee: Adult : 400yen Junior high & high school student : 200 yen Elementary school students and under: free ( admission fee includes the historical tour)
Remarks concerning the fee
Payment method Buy an admission ticket.
Cancellation fee No
Reservations accepted from Throughout a year
Reservations accepted until The same day, 4:00pm
Maximum number of people accepted through the reservation 1 people

Meeting place ⁄ map

Meeting place (name) ⁄ meeting time

Hofukuji Temple

Meeting place (address ⁄ access)

10 minutes walk from Izukyu Shimoda Station

Reservation ⁄ inquiry

English service for making reservations and inquiries No support in English. Please contact to 'seamon' by phone or email.
Name Hofukuji Temple
Address 18-26 1 chome Shimoda
TEL ⁄ FAX Tel.0558-22-0960  Fax.0558-22-6994
When you make a reservation or inquiry on the phone or via FAX, tell the instructor that you saw the Sea-mon website.
Business hours 8:00am - 5:00pm
Closed 7 days a week
Website http://www.i-younet.ne.jp/~hofukuji/home.html

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